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Taking Care of Your Whirlpool Bath

A jetted bath is a good investment, but you should also consider its maintenance. Likewise, there are things that you can and cannot do with this type of bathtub.

Maintaining your jetted bathtub

Jetted bathtubs are fitted with whirlpool jets installed on the side of the bath shell. The system has controls to operate the water jets. The water is forced through the whirlpool jets with the combination of water and air. Therefore, it needs proper maintenance to ensure the bathtub performs as expected.

  1. Use gentle surface cleaners for the whirlpool bath’s shell and inner surfaces because manufacturers usually use acrylic for the shell. Acrylic needs non-abrasive surface cleaners; the gentler it is, the longer your whirlpool bath lasts.
  2. The air jets should always be free from debris and build-up, such as limescale. Fill the tub with hot water until it reaches about five to seven centimetres above the jets. Add two tablespoons of low-sudsing dishwashing liquid and one cup of white vinegar. Turn on the jets for fifteen minutes. Drain and refill the tub and run the jets for another ten minutes. Drain and rinse it well.  
  3. The pipework of a whirlpool bath comprises hoses and pipes that distribute air and water. They could also be clogged with hair, grime, and dirt. Cleaning them requires filling the tub with cold water and ensuring that you set the air control to “off” to minimise the bubbles. Add about 100 millilitres of the recommended cleaning fluid, and then run the whirlpool system for about ten minutes to allow the cleaning solution to circulate through the hoses and pipes. Next, unplug the bath and drain the water. Fill it up again with cold water and drain the bath once more.

Other do’s and don’ts

  • ●       The jets in a whirlpool bath can agitate the water aggressively. Therefore, if you want a bubble bath, ensure that you only use low-foaming bubble bath products made for whirlpool baths. Using a low-foam bubble bath product will allow you to enjoy a scented bath with just the right amount of bubbles.
  • Avoid using essential oils in a whirlpool bath. The oil can enter the pipes and hoses of the water jet system, leaving residue or film in the pipes. After some time, it can lead to blockages in the filters and jets. Instead of essential oils, use Epsom salt. However, ensure that you only use Epsom salt when you use plain water rather than chlorinated water, which can disrupt the water’s pH level and cause corrosion.
  • If you notice some foam around the edge of the waterline or on the bath’s surface, it can be due to the natural skin oils or the residue from other products you applied on your skin, such as sunscreen, fake tan, moisturiser, and make-up. You can effectively remove the buildup using a good quality defoamer or anti-foam solution. The solution can quickly remove the buildup and make the water cleaner.

Ensure that you can enjoy using your whirlpool bath and clean water with proper and regular maintenance. Cleaning the whirlpool bath regularly extends its life and ensures that you are bathing in a sanitary environment.