Taking care of your pregnant partner

Pregnancy is a critical stage in a couple’s life. People nowadays frequently refer to and announce pregnancy as “we are pregnant,” rather than “my wife is pregnant.” We live in a modern and emphatic world where men no longer regard childbearing as solely a feminine task. Men nowadays take care of their families both before and after they marry. Maternity leave for men is observed to be practiced in even developing countries. This clearly demonstrates how men take full responsibility for their partners and children. Here are a few things you can do to help your pregnant wife.

  • Monitor her mood 
  • Be her partner in everything 
  • Intimacy is essential
  • Express love 
  • Pay attention to what she says

Monitor her mood 

You must prioritize your wife’s mood. When a woman is pregnant, she goes through uncontrollable emotional roller coasters that neither we nor she is aware of. The roller coaster of highs and lows, as well as crying, rushes her to emotional boundaries. In such cases, the best way to assist her is to keep her emotions in check and to allow her to be and do whatever makes her happy.

This way, she’ll be happier with all of your attention and have a better mood chart than if she’s annoyed all of the time without you checking in on her.

Be her partner in everything 

We know you’re all doing your best to help. But you literally have to be there to make a woman believe you are there for her. If she is changing her diet, you must reflect this in her advertisement. This will demonstrate your love for her and make you feel better about how much she is going through.

Every time she goes to the doctor for a checkup, accompany her. Even if it is an ultrasound or a sonogram, your presence will provide her with additional support and ensure that she is not scared at any time.

Intimacy is essential 

Humans today live very private and independent lives, but when a woman is pregnant, she craves human touch. You can show intimacy through the smallest acts and make her feel beautiful even if she looks nothing like her former self. Women are terrified of not being the same as they were before. As a result, demonstrating intimacy will dispel that doubt.

Express love 

We have grown emotionally apart in this era. Expression is a less cool way of loving, whereas ignorance appears to be more comfortable. You can take care of your wife by showing her how much you love her. Telling her everything you’re going through while she’s in pain, or watching her transform into your child’s mother. All of this may appear trivial, but once you try it, you will realize how important it is.

You can express yourself simply by telling her how you feel, or you can get her flowers and make your expression as unique as you want.

Pay attention to what she says 

Every woman complains about her partner not being a good listener. However, during pregnancy, you must demonstrate to her that you are a good listener. This will make her feel as if you are truly concerned about her health and making conscious efforts to improve it, as well as benefit you. How? When women are emotionally vulnerable, they tend to give away too much information. This way, your lady will tell you everything you need to know about how she reacts to different situations or foods, as well as how her pregnancy is progressing.

Consult a doctor 

To understand the condition of your partner better and making sure that she is progressing a healthy pregnancy, contact a gynecologist. You can find the best gynecologists in Islamabad and all across Pakistan in just a click at Oladoc. 

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