Taking Care Of Your Newborn During The Pandemic

Parenting in the time of COVID-19 is a daunting task for some. Suddenly, there is a frenzy on ticking things off a checklist especially if it concerns newborn essentials. If you are coming home from the hospital with your newborn, you should know that it is normal to feel overwhelmed. But in order to give your baby the care that she needs, you have to keep in mind some tips to promote a calm home environment for your newborn as well as yourself.


Be mindful of pediatric visits

The post-natal visits that you are going to have can be tricky in this situation because as much as possible, you do not want to expose your baby to a high-risk environment. It can be quite stressful especially knowing that the place you are visiting is vulnerable to the disease. If your pediatrician is not offering home service, then it is unavoidable that you will go out to see him or her at the hospital. 


In the event of a pediatric visit, make sure that you do your due diligence and secure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your family. This way, you would be granted with a peace of mind that you are somehow protected from the virus. It is also important that you go in and out the consultation, avoid travelling to random places after the session. Just go straight home and care for your baby there. 


Do not put off seeking medical advice

Similarly, if you are getting concerned about your baby’s health, you should not put of seeking medical advice the same way that you should be mindful of pediatric visits. Or if you are feeling unwell, then it’s best that you seek medical advice immediately. Although there is no evidence that pregnant women can pass on the virus to the baby, it pays to be careful so always have your doctor on speed dial. It is also important that you sound the alarm the very moment that your baby is showing any symptoms you may have concern about. 


Hygiene is key

Hygiene is your best protection during this pandemic. Who knew that the simple act of washing your hands can save a life, right? It has always been a requirement that you stay clean around a baby but now more than ever, this should be a non-negotiable rule for you and your relatives. If you have invested on protective equipment, might as well give everyone these materials because it would be hard to risk your baby getting infected with the virus. Doing so would also promote not only your baby’s protection but everyone in your home as well. 


Keeping the baby safe during breastfeeding

The virus can be spread in droplets so it is essential that you protect your baby from it, even from yourself. Since respiratory droplets can be pretty close to your baby during breastfeeding, you should take it upon yourself to wear a face mask or a face shield when you are nursing your child. It is also vital that you wash your hands before touching your baby, this will reduce the chance that you can spread a virus to your baby. 


If you are pumping or hand-expressing milk, be mindful of your hygiene as well and do a thorough wash of your hands before reaching for that bottle or breastfeed pump. This way, you will be assured that you are clean enough to nurse your baby well.


Avoid visits for the meantime

A baby is a family’s blessing so everyone will clamor to take a look or to hold him. But during this time of the pandemic, it would be wise to put off visits from your relatives for the meantime. You never know who has the virus because there are asymptomatic cases. Knowing this, a little sacrifice can go a long way so in order to further increase you and your baby’s risk of contracting the virus, tell your family that it is important that you stay at home and them as well. 


Do not kiss the baby too much

Babies are just too adorable that you want to cuddle with them all day. It can be tempting to kiss your baby’s face all the time but because the virus is contracted through respiratory droplets either through the mouth or nose, this would be a dangerous thing to do so. It is unfortunate but it is one of the newborn essentials for this new normal. 


Key Takeaway

Giving birth during the COVID-19 season can be a scary thing for most mothers. During this time, all you just want to do it protect your baby against all harm so it is necessary that you also take the precautions as well. Use this guide the next time you are thinking about what to do to protect your baby!