Take Your Business To New Heights With Our Quick Business Loans

Success doesn’t come easy, and every business has to scale through several obstacles before becoming successful. However, this is not entirely true anymore. With instant business loans coming into the foray, no business has to go through barriers to reach new heights. 

Once you have made the plunge and started your own business, the next step that comes to the mind is how to let it reach new heights and how to make the venture prosper. While there is a lot of hard work and research that needs to be done, but, at times, that is not enough as each enterprise needs capital to expand and further grow. For any business, whether the need is to invest in infrastructure, buy new inventory, expand operations, capital is the fuel that every business demands to run it smoothly and get an edge over the competition. 

Here are 3 key steps to get instant business loan:

Think it through- Before applying for a loan, it is essential to the exact reason behind the need for a business loan. 

Decide the right type of loan- It is vital to decide the right kind of loan that resonates with the needs of your business as the interest rates will vary accordingly. 

Determine the best type of lender- You should check all the features provided by the lender and whether it suits your business or not, only then you should opt for a financial lender. 

In the current financial ecosystem, several NBFCs provide instant business loans as per your requirements to cater to the growing demands of your business. Whether your venture can be categorized as a sole proprietorship, privately held organization, partnership company, self-employed or retailers, you can easily avail a business loan from the leading digital NBFC, Clix Capital. 

Furthermore, at Clix Capital, you can get quick business loans with minimal paperwork and choose from customized repayment options for EMI as per your requirements. You can also get an estimate of the duration, down payment amount, and rate of interest with relevance to the amount required using a business loan calculator. This will help you to grow the business and repay the loan more comfortably. 

Eligibility Criteria to get business loan from Clix Capital:

– If you are at least 21 years of age while applying for the loan and under 65 at the end of its tenure, you’re eligible to secure a loan from Clix Capital 

– If your business is:

-A proprietorship/private limited company/closely held non-listed company/ partnership firm involved in the business of manufacturing, trading or services?

-Showing a minimum turnover of Rs 1 crore?

-Reporting audited financial statements for the last 24 months, routing the majority of the business through a banking system, or capturing your turnover in the last 12 months through GST returns?

-A going concern in the current area of work, with a minimum 3 years of total business vintage?

If the answer to all these questions is ‘Yes’, you’re eligible to avail a business loan from Clix Capital.

How to take business loan from Clix Capital?

All you have to do is fill an application form that only takes 3 minutes and provide the necessary financial documents. Once this is done, the customer representative will call you for a quick chat for your confirmation and the funds will be disbursed into your account. Yes, the whole process of acquiring funds from Clix Capital is that easy. 

No business ambition is too big or too small. Whatever be the requirement, Clix Capital business loans have got you covered. Furthermore, you can count on the leading NBFC to be your partners in your entrepreneurial journey by providing financing to fund both expansion plans and regular working capital needs.