Take Your Brand to the Next Level With Digital Shampoo Labels

The entire globe has gone digital. It wasn’t long until label manufacturers realized that they had to put a stake in the ground as well. They began producing digital shampoo labels to meet the changing needs of their clients.

The label manufacturing industry has made great strides in creating new types of labels, thanks to variable printing technology and laser print engines. Thus, digital label printing became the latest solution for the massive demand for custom printed labels.

Digital Printing Capabilities

The use of specialized digital presses and laser print engines opened up a range of capabilities for designing and printing shampoo labels:

  • Wide Color Range: The use of digital presses gave manufacturers the freedom to provide personalized digital labels in a range of colors. Today, customers can choose options between 1 and 7 spot color labels. Manufacturers are also able to offer four-color process labels.

  • Variety of Materials: Digital technology has helped manufacturers to design more robust and more durable labels. A variety of unique materials can be provided to clients today, including vinyl, polyester, foils, matte, gloss, static clings, etc.

  • Diverse Choices for Sizes and Shapes: The ease of digital printing has also made room for labels of various shapes and sizes to be created. Label manufacturers can now provide shampoo labels as large as 10″x15″. Earlier, one could only find labels with square or rectangular shapes. Today, manufacturers can provide labels in oval and round shapes. Other designs include heart-shaped, animal shapes, and even the American flag and Lady Liberty.

  • Protective Laminates and Varnishes: Manufacturers can produce shampoo labels with capabilities such as moisture-proof, scratch-resistant, and can be used in extreme environments. This is owing to the use of protective laminates and varnishes. Manufacturers also ensure that the look and feel of the laminates add to the aesthetic appeal of the labels.

Benefits of Digital Labels

Customers can receive various services by choosing digital shampoo labels for their industrial and commercial applications.

  • Range of Order Sizes: The ease and speed of digital printing allow label manufacturers to take on orders of any size. An industrial client can ask for a small order of 50 labels or even large orders of 2,000 labels or more.

  • Shorter Turnaround Time: Irrespective of the size, label manufacturers, have the capabilities to deliver labels within a quick turnaround time of 2 to 3 days. This allows label manufacturing companies to take on high priority orders with tight deadlines.

  • Immense Savings: A significant reason for high printing costs was because label manufacturers would use expensive dies and plates. With the advent of digital printers and variable printing technology, shampoo labels can be printed without the need for dies and plates. This has significantly reduced overall costs and printing setup fees.

  • High-Quality Printing: Whether a customer requires colorful graphics, explicit texts, or specialized fonts, digital printing can produce shampoo labels with high-resolution images, clarity, and aesthetic appeal that will enhance the client’s business.

  • Improved Adjustability: Digital label printing offers the flexibility to continually improve on label designs without the hassle of extra expenditure. Systems can be revamped for future use to keep a brand ahead in the market.

The digital age has brought in new technology that can provide benefits to label manufacturers and their customers.