Take the Stairs, Not the Escalator: Vinod Adani on Working Hard for Results

Everyone likes instant success, but how long is it going to last? Not sure, right? Instant success looks very pretty but it comes with the possibility of fading in no time. However, if success comes via hard work, that’s going to last for sure. As many of the industry leaders said “Take the stairs, not the escalator”- the phrase emphasizes the fact that hard work is the only key to success. Success isn’t going to come into your own hands on its own. 

We all have heard so many success stories, like how these big business tycoons or entrepreneurs have turned the tables with their ambition of working hard. We all know Vinod Adani very well. He is one of the hard working people of India that we always hear of. As he has turned himself into a Vinod Adani motivational speaker, he has mentioned several times how his zeal of working hard has made everything possible for him. Adani has not taken any escalator or we can say any shortcut to achieve milestones, but he did hard work to make every dream come into reality. 

Take the stairs, not the escalator

How easy it is to just say this, but implementing this in our life is really difficult. We always tend to find the shortcuts in our life but it is not a viable solution. There is no doubt that taking the stairs is lots of hard work, it requires your energy, mind, and most probably your time. Due to this, people consider having the escalator. However, we have to learn how to climb those stairs with dignity. In order to go to the level of success, one has to train their mind and body. Vinod Adani himself has emphasized that learning is the most important ingredient in the recipe of success. 

He has mentioned several times that he always believed in the power of education. He had his dreams visible to him and he worked hard towards them. This shows that if anyone is true to themselves and their goals, they can totally make their way to the top. Let us mention his views in detail! 

Vinod Adani on Working Hard for Results

As per the business tycoon himself, taking the stairs is the most viable option because success comes to those who work hard for that. In order to achieve your goals, one has to take stairs, which means that one has to make a process for them and climb each stair of that process with dignity and determination. It includes many plans, long-term or short-term. 

Vinod Adani expressed many times that you should have a goal determined in your mind. If you have one, then it will be easy to understand the value of each stair in the way. After that, the second most important thing is learning. If we look at the life aspects of Adani, we can totally say that he thoroughly believed in the power of education. Gaining knowledge and training your mind is indeed the most essential step. If you think that success comes easily then you have to take a look at the life journey of many entrepreneurs, you have to count the stairs that they climbed to get this success. 

One of the other things that Vinod Adani motivational speaker has mentioned is that we learn with our mistakes. He stated that he has messed up several things but he learnt a lesson from each of his mistakes. He urged the young generation that follows him to learn from each and every mistake. People like Vinod Adani inspire us to take stairs instead of the escalators, and we are very thankful to them. 

Now if you have made up your mind to work hard towards your goals, let us mention some of the tips that Adani has given throughout. 

Tips to Success from Vinod Adani 

Implement these below-mentioned essentials in your life and make sure that you are climbing towards success. 

  • First of all, determine the goals. Make a certain list of things that you want to achieve and take one step at a time. Your vision should be clear and the most important thing is to understand those goals. One should not be confused about their goals. 
  • Next step is to acknowledge the skills that you require to achieve that dream. If you have that skill set, work towards enhancing it. And, if you don’t have the knowledge about it, learn from scratch. Have a mentor and enhance your learning. 
  • Next comes the determination, one should have some determination in order to climb up the stairs. As Vinod Adani mentioned in one of his talks, do whatever you do but with determination. Your purpose should be clear to you. 
  • There comes the hard work, make every step count with your hard work. Believe in the invincible power of education and learning, and take all the necessary actions. 
  • Now comes the fear of fall. Don’t be afraid of falling or making mistakes, but make sure to learn from them. Most of the times when you take stairs, you fall. Be resilient, make sure that these hurdles aren’t impacting you one way or another. 

As a leader in various industries, Vinod has taught many beneficial lessons to the generation. He urged the younger generation to make their way towards success and don’t wait for it. Taking the escalator is easy but it won’t let you to your destination, you have to make sure that you take the stairs in order to get there. Consider “hard work” as a staircase and each step will take you towards success.