Take Control of your Body! Some Great Workout Tips 2021

“Exercise” is my favorite activity of the day. I work out every day, first in the morning, to stay fit. When I work out, my mind also feels fit along with my body. Working and reaching your fitness goals feels amazing. Physically and mentally, you feel happy, energetic, and ready to face the world. Having a regular and effective workout routine can make the biggest difference in your life. But for every workout routine, you have to be consistent, and you must know what you want. Your goals must be clear before you start working out.

Today my focus is on the regular folks who work out to stay fit and live life to the fullest. We regularly exercise, but we either don’t get the right results or get bad results. If your normal workout is becoming too difficult or is not producing the intended results. You either need to change the workout or review it to know what you are doing wrong. In this article, I will give you some workout tips to make your workout routine more effective. This is Brittany Dixon and let’s get into our list of tips for the best workout routine.


Running is essential for your overall health, and its best to know how to make it effective and entertaining. Regular cardio will keep your body, heart, and mind healthy. But unless your cardio is effective, you won’t get the right results, and if it’s not entertaining, running will be challenging to adhere to.


When you breath, make sure you inhale from the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Your arms should not cross your body. They frame your torso in the shape of an “L” and move up down in a pumping motion.

Before running, make sure you stretch your hamstrings by placing your ankles on a high surface like a park bench and stretching your shoulders across your chest.

Running long distances seems difficult at first, but you can make it easy with this simple tip. Sing your favorite song in your head while running, and you will reach your goal easily.

Making goals like a game will make your running fun and easy. You can make short goals, like from the start of your park to the first bench, and increase it little by little to make progress.

Tone And Lift Your Buttocks

Toning and lifting your buttocks can be difficult for most beginners and some people who work out regularly. The most here is to make sure that you are consistent and have a goal for your behind. To make your exercise more effective and comfortable, use my tips written below.

While working out your buttocks, some exercises require you to be on your knees. A yoga mat or a workout mat will be helpful to support and cushion your joints.

A resistance band is the perfect addition to a home gym. It adds more resistance to your workouts, takes up less space and super lightweight. You can also make simple exercises more intense with a resistance band and get faster results.

When building muscle, such as the glute, it’s best perform at a slower pace controlling the exercise movement from start to finish. To tone and sculpt your butt, focus on contracting the glute muscle throughout the exercise using a 2 second “squeeze and hold” method.

Feeling the burn is a great indicator you are effectively working the glute muscle. The glute is one of the strongest muscles in our bodies and can sustain a longer duration of exercise. If you’ve reached your set number of reps without feeling the burn, keep going until you do, then add 5 more to create your new rep number.

Leg workouts are must for sculpting your butt. Toning your hamstrings, quads and calves gives your legs a more shapely appeal, proportional look and strengthens your lower body. 

Flat Stomach

We’ve all heard the saying “abs are made in the kitchen”, right? Well, it’s true your diet is very important to having a flatter stomach to reduce belly fat, bloating, and inflammation. But working your core is just as important to sculpt, tone and strengthen your mid-section. A tight core pulls your abs in and a strong lower back supports better posture, giving the appearance of a flatter stomach. Please note, you cannot spot train to burn fat; however, you can spot train to build and tone muscle. Here are some core focused tips. 

Make sure you incorporate back exercises in your ab routine. A strong back helps pulls in your stomach and pulls back your shoulders for better posture and taller flatter look. Working out speeds up your metabolism, helping you burn fat faster.

Your core should be a prime focus. A strong core affects your overall posture and gives you a much more toned and defined stomach.

Work the muscles on your side, the obliques. Sides planks and twisting motions work well in stone this area to create the “V-cut”.

Planks are the most effective and most versatile exercise for your core. The different variations of planks can help you focus more on certain parts of your upper body. 

Exercise balls are very effective in toning the core. It works your stabling muscles that help you balance, using constant contraction and micro movements. This inflatable ball is a great addition your home gym equipment.