Tailored Suit Vs Tuxedo: What to Choose?

Wedding occasion ahead? You might be confused between whether to choose tailored suits or tuxedos. Many people are unable to understand the differences between a tux and suit. 

It is obvious, changing styles of tuxedos has made it even harder for people to differentiate. You might think tux as a black and white suit with a bowtie, but modern tuxedos have changed the way people see tuxedos.

Many modern tuxedos are available in colors like gray, tan or navy with a new concept of style. It doesn’t matter if it is your wedding or you being invited to any event, knowing the differences between tux and suit, and then choosing accordingly is important.

Here we will discuss some of the key differences between tailored suit and tuxedo, some sort of tailored suit vs tuxedo comparison if you say.

Tuxedo Vs Suit:

We will discuss different factors to differentiate them, including satin, accessories, shirt style and shoes and will give you the guide to your best choice.

Shirt Style:

Suits are versatile, they can be worn with many varieties of shirt style with solid color and pattern. Whereas, tuxedos are not versatile as suits, they are only (mostly) worn with white shirts with wing collar or turndown collar.


Tuxedos and suits look almost the same if you ignore the restrictions on shirt color, the collar, the buttons and most importantly the satin details. Yes, the satin details are the biggest differences between a suit and a tuxedo.

A tuxedo has satin buttons, satin faced lapels and satin side stripe. Though modern tuxedos have limited the use of satin it is still considered as tuxedos. Instead of the traditional one, modern tuxedos now use slim trim satin on the lapels and a skinny strip.

Besides, the jacket, pants and lapel on a suit are made out of the same material. But instead of a satin button, suits usually have a normal plastic or fabric button.


Tailored suits have always been more versatile than tuxedos in every point. In case of accessories it is the same, suits can be worn up or down depending upon the accessories that you are using with it.

It can also be worn with or without a vest and they look great with both bowties and long ties.

Coming to a classic tuxedo there are more but less versatile accessories choices than a suit, including waistcoat, suspenders, cummerbund and a bowtie. However, for a formal look you may choose to go with less accessories too.

Accessories like long ties and high-stance vests are also used commonly with tuxedos. You can choose to go with the modern or the traditional look according to your personal style or the formal look you want.


According to most people black patent shoes are more appropriate with a tuxedo. For suit loafers, oxfords and slip-on shoes are good.

Suit Vs Tuxedo – Which Is Better For A Wedding?

Suit or tuxedo for a wedding, it depends on the time of the wedding, wedding theme and personal preference. If the wedding is an evening event or night, then you should go with a tuxedo. In case of morning wedding events suits are more appropriate.

If it is a black-tie or a formal wedding event, then tuxedo is a better choice for you. And if it is a more casual event then you can go with a suit. The last and an important factor is personal preferences.

If you are confused, ask your partner or any family member to help you choose. We hope that our guide helped you to make the right decision.