Tacos El Superior Serves the Best Authentic Mexican Food in Southern California


Starting out as just a good truck in 2019, Tacos El Superior has now expanded across Southern California with four Drive-Thru Restaurants located in Azusa, Tehachapi, Landcaster and Palmdale. In early 2023, Tacos El Superior plans to further expand with new locations in Sylmar and the Hawaiian Gardens.

Starting as only one food truck serving authentic Mexican food on the streets in Palmdale, CA; Tacos El Superior hasn’t sacrificed its quality taste as they expand locations. Consistent, delicious, fresh authentic flavors are the cornerstone for this family-owned restaurant. With a specialty in Mexican cuisine, perfecting a consistent authentic taste across all locations is paramount to Taco El Superior’s core values.

As most businesses grow and expand to multiple locations, it’s often food quality that’s sacrificed first for profits. At Tacos El Superior that’s simply an unacceptable and unsustainable business model. To be the best and stand out in a sea of competition means sticking to core company values. It’s because of this that Tacos El Superior rises to the top for Tacos, and authentic Mexican cuisine, in Southern California every time.

With growing concerns in the food industry about quality of food and health effects, you can always expect greatness from Tacos El Superior. With the experience of each guest as their top priority it’s guaranteed that their food quality will never be sacrificed. A delicious, authentic and affordable meal for the whole family is always served fresh to guests at Tacos El Superior.

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