System of Education in India

Talking about the education system is an abstract concept also it is by nature extremely complex and multifaceted topic to be talking about and the challenges addressed in them in reforming or improving them can be a complex issue. The education system in India an apt one, this brings in lots of controversies as such because many states are already trying to implement a lot of good initiative to bring in, equality in the education format as in Tamilnadu which launched Samacheer Kalvi or Tamil Nadu Uniform System of school education to integrate the various school educational systems within the state and it was implemented by the Tamilnadu Government in the School Education Act 2010 this was to diminish the differences between various school students such as the ones from the private schools, government schools or the CBSE schools so for example if Samacheer Kalvi Class 10 Books are said, all the class 10 books remains the same for all the students across Tamilnadu.                                 

What Stops Uniform Education?

What can be the issue in providing a uniform education to all the students across the Nation? That would be a great topic to debate because providing the same type of education to all the students across the Nation can bring a lot of issues because that would bring down the societal norms and standards down. Hence making all the Children common in the case of acquiring knowledge would eventually reduce or even vanish the social class difference among the students in school and that is what was the initiative taken by the Government of Tamilnadu like the Samacheer Kalvi Class 10 Books I spoke about earlier. So at times, the government is always trying it’s best to abolish the differences but that is not happening again and again because of various issues like the higher class of the society do not entertain their kids studying with the lower societal kids and many politics playing its cards here.

Issues In Providing Common Education

There are many issues if we talk about in providing the common education to students, one of them and the most important of all being the Government funding for education because Government cannot fund such huge amount to provide best quality education to all the students studying under their board because eventually, that is not possible because that needs highly skilled staffs for providing education to all and they would demand a huge amount of salaries and that cannot be afforded by the government to all the staffs required to educate the n number of students in the state which is a huge investment which cannot be afforded by the government. Despite all the issues being on one side, the Tamilnadu Government told a bold step in at least formalizing a common textbook system among all the students from the various boards in the state as for every common class from any school in the state the students will have the same textbook if it is for class 10 then all the Samacheer Kalvi Class 10 Books will be the same in the state.


The system of Education should definitely take over spin and turn all around and have a fresh start because the Private schools have different books, the public schools have a different one and also the CBSE schools in the state has a different one. The CBSE board is the only one among the whole country which has a common pattern of education across the country and all other schools have a different one based on the quality of students they have.