Synthetic Urine: Protecting Your Medical History

There are many tests that urine can be subjected to. These tests help the medical staff diagnose a wide range of health conditions that can then be treated with certainty. A Quick Fix Urine sample can be used by people who do not want their true health conditions to be diagnosed. This is in cases where one wants to hide their medical history or in cases where one has been using drugs but they do not want this to be diagnosed. When medical practitioners order a urine test, they are seeking to diagnose conditions such as UTIs, kidney diseases, diabetes, and so on.

The process of checking urine for diseases is known as urinalysis. This process involves checking the concentration and appearance of urine. The check can also include determining the amount of protein in urine so they can know if one has kidney disease or not. When the test returns unusual urinalysis results, further tests can be done to find out what the source of the problem is.

A urinalysis is requested when one has pain in the stomach, painful urination, or frequent urination, or when one has blood in the urine. When such a test is done, it becomes easy to diagnose UTIs or related problems. To monitor medical conditions that have already been diagnosed, a urinalysis will be requested by your physician. The same case applies to people who need to be tested for drug abuse. It is for this reason that there are fake urine samples that can be bought to counter this.

What is synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine, also known as fake urine, has been used for various purposes. It is made from chemicals that help create the characteristics of real urine so that it can be used instead of real urine. It is made of chemicals and yellow coloring so that it mimics the characteristics of real urine. Other than its use in drug tests, fake urine is used by companies to test the impact real urine would have on diapers, cleaning agents, mattresses, and medical devices. This eliminates the need for companies to use real urine for these tests. Fake urine is also used for scientific experiments and even as a form of alternative medicine.

With the increase in drug tests both in industry and sports, many people are turning to synthetic urine as a source of reprieve when they do not want their drug use to be detected. As such, for people who need to pass drug tests, they can use fake urine for this purpose.

Does synthetic urine protect your medical history?

There are many ways synthetic urine helps you pass drug tests and therefore protect your medical history. If you do not want your medical history to be known through urinalysis, then the use of fake urine helps. When you buy fake urine and heat it correctly, you can present this as your urine sample. Doing this fools the test and therefore your drug tests come out negative. Many other health conditions can be detected through urine tests. As such, when you present the fake urine, you have a surety that your medical conditions will not be detected and therefore your medical privacy remains.

Now that we know how synthetic urine helps protect your medical history, what are some of the things you need to do to find the right fake pee? How do you go about the process of keeping the urine in the right form to avoid detection? We shall discuss some of these procedures here. Remember that it is illegal to use synthetic urine to pass a drug test. As such, you need to be careful about the kind of urine you buy.

Here are tips to help you get the right synthetic urine:

Buy from a reputable brand

This is one of the surest ways to know that the fake urine you buy is the right one. Read the reviews of the various sellers so that you can be sure. The urine kits come in powder and liquid forms. For the powdered urine, ensure you add the right amount of water in it so it does not become too dilute.

Check the temperature of the urine

When you buy the urine in liquid form, be sure it has the right temperature. Natural urine should be around 90-100°F. if you find the sample you have bought to be over or below this temperature, this could lead to rejection.

Check the expiry date

Before you use the kit, check that it is not expired. The lifespan of this urine depends on factors such as dust, extreme temperatures, humidity, and so on. These factors can hamper the chemicals used to make the urine.