Symptoms, First Aid, and Consequences of Sprains

A joint sprain brings significant inconvenience. Along with the frequent domestic and industrial injuries, the symptoms and treatment of joint sprain are one of those questions that patients often ask their doctors. During such an injury, an infraction of the integrity (partial or complete) of the fibrils of the connective tissue occurs. In addition to the ligaments, muscles can be simultaneously stretched during an injury.

Any joint can take an unnatural position due to excessive load. In this case, the ligaments prevent the deformation of the joint and themselves suffer from trauma. First aid for a sprain is a simple procedure, it can be provided even by a person without a medical education. But full treatment is a  task for a qualified doctor.

Signs of Sprain

The ligaments are small structures compared to other organs (such as massive muscles), but they are penetrated by a large number of small nerve endings. Therefore, the symptomatology with a seemingly banal sprain can be very pronounced. The most common symptoms include:

  • severe pain, which persists not only at the moment of trauma but also long after 
  • swelling of tissues
  • hemorrhage in the tissue (after serve sprain)
  • the inability to “use” the joint – primarily because of pain

According to the severity of symptoms, several degrees of sprain severity are distinguished:

  • Mild – damage to the ligament at the level of individual fibers, the pain is not expressed, can disappear on its own without medical treatment, the joint works without changes.
  • Moderate – damaged from a third to half of the connective tissue fibers, the pain has a moderate intensity, does not disappear on its own, and joint function is reduced.
  • Severe – damage at the level of micro-fractures throughout the ligament, the pain is unbearable at the time of the injury and the joint does not work due to sharp pain. With a severe sprain, you should immediately contact the foot doctor for help. If the treatment of the first two degrees does not cause particular difficulties, then serve sprain requires a whole range of measures up to immobilizing the joint.

First Aid for Sprain

The success of treatment depends on the quality of first aid. The patient will suffer less with the assistance of a qualified physician, the consequences of the injury will not be so pronounced, and the recovery period will be reduced. First-aid measures are the same for sprains of different joints. Knowing what to do when stretching the ligaments, will make it easier to cope with damage to the ligamentous apparatus of the foot.

First aid for a sprain:

  • Allow  rest for  the joint and ligaments that were damaged
  • Put something cold to the area of damage in the first hours after the injury – most often people use ordinary ice from the refrigerator, but not longer than 2 hours. Then you need to take a break  for 30-40 minutes
  • anesthesia – do not endure pain as pain impulses irritate the central nervous system

Qualified care should be carried out exclusively by a doctor. Damage to the ligaments may be more significant than the symptoms indicate. Therefore, there is no single treatment regimen for two different people.

The Consequences of Sprain

If microcracks of connective tissue fibers were insignificant, first aid was provided on time, and rehabilitation measures were carried out competently, then sometime after the injury ligaments will be completely healthy. In the opposite is present, prolonged pain and repeated sprain of the ligaments are possible even with the slightest trauma.

The recovery period in this condition depends on the severity of the injury and on whether the patient follows all prescriptions. Often patients regard the sprain as a minor injury and load the joint prematurely, and this lengthens the rehabilitation period.

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