Symptoms and Warning Signs of Your Hard Drive Failure

Your hard drive crashed! Nothing can be worse than this when you need to complete tasks on deadline. And it makes you seek immediate hard drive recovery services. 

But you can save your data from losing. Yes, you heard it right! 

Further, we know it’s not easy to feel alarmed when your system is taking over. But relax; we have come up with the top 7 warning signs for your hard drive failure. 

Here in this article, we will discuss symptoms and warn your hard drive indicates when it needs data recovery services. But before that let’s find out when and how the hard drive crashes. 

What Are Hard Drives?

Particularly, hard drives are termed as the hardware component which safely stores all your digital content. Particularly, it consists of your pictures,  documents, videos, music,  application preferences, programs, and much more. Hard drives can be either internal or external.

The Lifespan of a Hard Drive

Your hard drive’s life span depends on many variables such as; the brand, type, size, and environment. In effect purchasing a hard drive from reputable brands lasts longer.

According to a study, Backblaze has analyzed the failure rates of 25,000 hard drives. In general, 80% of the hard drives last for 4 years, and 90% of hard drives last for three years.

Hard Drive Failure

Generally, a hard drive fails mainly at two points:

1. Initial Stage

You can easily counter this within a short time. On other hand the main reason for this kind of hard drive failure is manufacturing defects. But due to testing and stringent quality control methods, it has been reduced much; but still, there are chances.

2. End Moment

Generally, this type of failure happens after 4 years of usage. Hence, it doesn’t have any specific reason but indicates some signs earlier. 

 7 Signs Of Hard Drive Failure

As fast as you recognize the failure warning of an HDD (hard disk drive), the more chances you have to save your data. Because once it is lost, you will need data recovery software or services

So, let’s learn to recognize the symptoms and warning signs of a hard drive failure. Furthermore, it will save your budget over hard drive recovery services



Steps For Data Protection
Due To Heavy Use System CrashesMemory or CPU overheating.Try to backup your data ASAP.Run memory, hard drive, or computer diagnostic.Check dust build up in the ventilation areas of the computer.
Your system takes a long time to boot.Hard drive failureHardware failureFailing sections on the Hard Drive.It’s time to quickly backup your drive into an external drive.System diagnostic execution.
Missing files File System is Corrupted VirusFailure of Hard disk driveBackup to save your data. 
Consuming a long time in displaying folder content by File explorer. File System is CorruptedData backup needed
Hard Disk Drive Diagnostic’s SMART errors.Physical or logical errorsData backup required
Blue screen Hardware or Software Issues. Use Windows operating system Repair Install.
BIOS failure in detecting the hard drive.Either too low or too high Power Supply for UPS. Using an Unreliable power source.Switch off the device when not in use.Branded UPS


In conclusion, don’t rely on software to tell you about a failing hard drive. Try to implement and keep an eye on the symptoms we have enlisted above.

In addition, with relying on these signs, it is important to make backups. Having data recovery software will allow the user to save confidential data.

Don’t Let Your Hard Drive Fail!