Syed Asif Ali – An Internationally Recognized Entrepreneur/ CEO

Syed Asif Ali

The world only remembers those who work for its survival and greatness in the sea of human beings. The entire history is full of the deeds of extraordinary people and is growing day by day. Only those who enlighten humanity with the rays of their passion survive in the golden letters of history. The first step towards the destination is a sign of success, and success is to cross the difficult paths that come with it consistently. For those whose determination is stronger than the lofty mountains, history keeps them alive in golden letters.

Syed Asif Ali, who hails from South Waziristan, became a successful entrepreneur without any financial resources, believing only in his hard work and overcoming all obstacles. Syed Asif Ali was intelligent, hardworking, and passionate about doing something for humanity from his childhood. He belonged to a low-income family and migrated from Waziristan to Dera Ismail Khan at eight without any economic resources. At the age of eight and without any financial resources, he migrated to Dera Ismail Khan due to the operation against terrorism. When the roof of the house was not private, you not only supported your family by working hard in different places but also completed your educational activities. 

Your dealing and communication skills have been good since childhood. Due to your good communication skills, you were able to get a job in Oppo Mobile Technology. You continue your hard work, and due to this hard work and dedication, you later got the position of Manager in Oppo Mobile Technology. First time in the history of Kohat, you came up with the concept of a fixed price which included a discounted price for the customers and reasonable compensation for the shopkeepers. Considering the importance of social media, when you realized that the age to come was the only age of social media, you launched a Point Media company. There was a time when you migrated, and then nature brought another time when you, being a Red Crescent social worker, helped IDPs from Waziristan.

Leading Oppo Mobile Technology

Oppo Mobile Technology is predominantly a reputed mobile buying and selling company. You were employed as a general salesman in mobile technology for the first time. But you believed in your hard work skills and did not let your determination falter, and in less than two years, you became a manager in mobile technology. First time in the history of Kohat, you came up with the concept of a fixed price which included a discounted price for the customers and reasonable compensation for the shopkeepers. When you need talented people to grow your business, you have become a source of employment for many poor and needy people so that they can stand on their own feet and support their families.

CEO of Point Media

Your interest in digital marketing came to you when you realized that the age to come is the age of social media which we call the digital world. So, you learned digital marketing over two years using the excellent use of YouTube. After learning digital marketing, when you wanted to make social media your home, you started a digital agency – Point Media.

Point Media aims to serve the public, and here are some of its main objectives. Today is the age of two social media, and almost all people have different social app property and face problems in accounting in different places. Point Media has solved many problems in the social accounts of politicians and celebrities in the past. When you realized the need for web editing and saw that today is the age of editing, you started teaching web editing in Point Media, and many people stood on their feet after learning. Point Media works to monetize YouTube channels to address YouTube users’ watch time and like issues. Point Media works to monetize YouTube channels and overcome the problem in the proper working of Blue badge.

After launching success to Point Media, your second step will be a musical platform. The first objective of Point Media is to promote talent in Waziristan and Pakistan. The musical platform in Point Media will be the voice of every human being who has the ability to sing but not the means to convey his voice to others. And in the future, point media will be known as a musical platform.

Red Crescent

Red Crescent is an organization in Islamic countries that helps people in the war with food, clothing, and medical supplies. CEO Syed Asif Ali worked for the Red Crescent for two years as a social worker. As a social worker, you helped in the counter-terrorism operation with food, clothing and medicine for IDPs (IDPs stands for internally displaced people) displaced from North Waziristan.

Everyone lives for themselves, and the fun is when you live for others. In this day and age of yours, you are supporting your family and an orphan family.

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