Sweet Ideas for a Romantic Holiday Gift

The endless problem of the holiday season is buying the right thing for the right person; somehow, each time this season comes around it’s every bit as difficult as the year before. Somehow, it can be especially difficult for the person you’re closest to – your significant other! You love them so much it feels like it should be easy, but there is always a lot of pressure on these holiday moments and it’s enough to make anyone’s mind go blank. Luckily, we’re here to help and we’ve made this list of suggestions for romantic gifts to get you started.

  1. Jewellery

A time honoured classic, no list of romantic gift suggestions would be complete without a mention of jewellery. Classic pieces can’t go wrong, or if you’re confident of your partner’s taste you could go for something a little more bold, or for a truly personal touch you could opt for a unique personalised necklace. Whether it be rings, earrings, a bracelet or even a brooch for those inclined towards vintage fashion, a well-chosen piece of jewellery is a great romantic gift.

  1. Photography

This can mean a couple of different things; if you want to keep things low key, this could just mean a nicely framed cute picture of you both together (pick your favourite picture!). On the other hand, booking personal photoshoots is becoming more popular, especially with the rise of social media and the importance of looking good. So you could book you and your significant other a couple’s photoshoot if you feel you’ve been together long enough and that this is something you would both enjoy!

  1. Clothes

Though you have to be sure of your partner’s size and taste, getting them clothes can be a really enjoyable gesture; they will enjoy having something you think they’d look good in, and feel seen that you know their taste so well. Whether you decide to go for a nice evening outfit that they can wear on your next date, or a cosy jumper you know they’ll love wearing arounf the house on rainy days, getting your significant other clothes is a great way to get them something romantic they’ll enjoy using.

  1. Shared snacks

If you’re more of a sweet gestures couple than you are about grand impressive gifts, then a really sweet idea could be to get something like special hot chocolate that you can enjoy together. For example around christmas it’s easy to find ‘hot chocolate spoons’ in different flavours which come with marshmallows, and are fun to make and drink. You could invest in these, some delicious festive snacks, and a good film, and your christmas gift is a cosy, romantic evening in front of the fire!

  1. Date night!

Though this should be discussed with your significant other beforehand, instead of buying each other gifts you could agree to spend the money on an amazing date night – maybe at a restaurant you’ve both been wanting to try, followed by ice skating or cocktails at a fancy bar. The possibilities are endless! And this could be a lovely way to create a shared memory as your holiday gift.

Everyone’s relationship is different, and every person is different – but hopefully, you’ve found some suggestions on this list that will help you find that special something for your significant other this holiday season.

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