SV TV- your one-stop destination for authentic news and entertainment

In today’s times, the importance of digital media is rapidly rising. It is crucial to notice that these media outlets not only serve as the source of providing information but also offer their own perspective on the ongoing events that have the potential to influence countless people. Thus, it is extremely important to choose authentic and trustworthy media outlets. Speaking of this, SV TV is one of the best and most-watched entertainment and news channels in Tamil Nadu that operates 24X7. It was started back in 2018 by B. MANJUNATH. Although it has been a few years since its launch, SV TV has already garnered a favourable reputation and strong foothold in the media industry.

SV TV provides authentic and relevant news on many topics such as the Tamil Film industry and its present condition, interviews of famous personalities, detailed movie reviews, movie gossip, food reviews, ongoing events, social awareness, politics and many more. Thus, if you subscribe to this one channel, you would never need to switch to other channels for any sort of information. In other words, every piece of news will be available at your fingertips with one click. You can easily gain access to the SC TV channel with the help of the VK Digital Setup Box on Channel number 97. Besides this, they also have a YouTube channel that was started back in July 2019. Some of their latest videos include a short film team interview, Festive Fashion night 2022, Abirami Fashion grooming workshop, actress Akshara Reddy’s interview about her Big Boss experience, and model Pavani Reddy’s interview after coming out of Big Boss and so on. If you are a food lover, you will love their Unlimited Barbeque food review series which records a detailed review of the famous restaurant in Chennai called Elite Marriage Biryani. The channel is also dedicated to fitness freaks who can follow their yoga series for some inspiration. Moreover, if you are a religious person who wishes to become more culturally enriched, SV TV has content for you too. It goes without saying that avid cinephiles will love this channel for SV TV offers detailed and insightful reviews on every movie. Check out their YouTube for more information:

SV TV also has a news channel that is dedicated to providing authentic and latest news and information to the common man. In a world where mainstream media has been engulfed in false and misleading information, SV News emerges as a ray of hope. You can check out their YouTube to see more of their content: