Sustainable Vitamin Packaging Ideas

Sustainable packaging has significant value and great benefits to the product, users, manufacturers and retailers. Though there are several packaging options accessible in the market to meet different types of packaging demands, sustainable packaging offers come with several advantages. Flexible packaging lowers down the wastage and energy use along with reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Along with it, it also offers several consumer facilities like enhanced shelf life, convenient storage, easy to microwave function and re-sealability.

But, when you talk about sustainable vitamin and nutritional packaging, then what are your options? Choosing sustainable packaging for nutritional supplement offers plethora of benefits. While nutritional supplements go inside human body and hence should be packaged with great caution so that it offers the much desired function. So, to maintain their potency, you should sustainable vitamin packaging.

Some of the benefits of using flexible packaging are:

  1. It prevents high temperature, moisture and air from penetrating inside and damaging the supplements.
  2. It is re-sealable, and has child-proof zippers which help in protecting your kids from accidentally opening it.
  3. There are travel size sachets available which offer portability.
  4. Spill proof function of the packaging ensures that the content doesn’t escape the pouch easily.

Some of the vitamin packaging ideas are given below:

  1. Lay-flat pouches: Well, they are digitally printed pouches with high quality films available in different sizes which keep you apart from the competition. They have tear notches and hang holes for your ease
  2. Child resistant packaging: As they are supplements, you need to be extra careful with the kids. Child resistant pouches offer complete security against it. They are odor and moisture resistant and hence they maintain the freshness and potency of the vitamins.
  3. Zippers: If you want a sustainable option, then go green with zippers and sustainable film structure. It is the best thing to choose when opting for flexible packaging.
  4. Eco-friendly packaging: When you talk about choosing an eco-friendly packaging, then recyclable packaging is your best option. It has recyclable and compostable films, with recyclable zippers and labels which easily decompose.

With ePac Flexible Packaging, you choose sustainable methods without compromising with the quality. Your packaging will take you another level and leave your clients content and happy with their purchase. They will have faith in your brand. The sustainable vitamin packaging features high barrier films, zippers, glossy or matte finishing, top quality images, transparent or clouded windows to accentuate the quality of your packaging. You can order any range of size and in any quantity you want.

They are custom sized for your brand and you can also choose the standard size for your product. The best thing about sustainable packaging is that it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment around you and is a feasibly reasonable option for all. You can easily place your order and get the quantity delivered. Feel free to discuss your needs and kind of printing you want and get it done accordingly for your vitamin supplements.