Sustainable Philanthropist Soren Dawody Explains Dubai’s Economic Growth

We know Dubai from being one of the most popular cities in the Middle East. Some even call it the pearl of the Middle East, and they have all the reasons to do so. Dubai is a top tourist destination and very open to welcoming tourists, particularly those from Saudi Arabia, India, and the UK. 

Soren Dawody, the famous humanitarian and entrepreneur who has helped sustainably skyrocket the Caribbean Economy, explains what’s so enticing about the pearl of the Middle East that draws over 15 million visitors annually. 

Dubai’s philanthropist Soren Dawody understands the importance of tourism for any particular location as it has a great contribution to the development and financial growth. That’s a reason why he moved to Dubai and why he is the perfect person to explain why Dubai attracts so many people. 

Here’s why Dubai is doing so great and why this destination is worth-visiting, according to Soren Dawody. 

Dubai Has Some of the Most Impressive Panoramas    

We’ve previously mentioned that only a notable entrepreneur like Soren Dawody could immediately spot Dubai’s economic potential. 

He sees Dubai as the Middle East’s business center as the city is a tremendously attractive location for both visitors and companies alike. 

The motives speak for themselves: the location is a strategic one, with business access to 2.2 billion consumers, a diverse and booming economy, with outstanding economic performances in exports, trades, industrial, hotels and eateries, and communication and transport segments. 

Besides that, Dubai is also perfect for doing business thanks to the influence of regulations, investment laws, and incentives that are also continuously improving, which encourages foreign investors to move or start a business here. 

In the last few years, there has been a great spike in interest in the Middle East from affluent investors worldwide. This encouraged governments to become more proactive in introducing those regulatory, legislative and technological advancements in order to withstand the financial fallout of the pandemic. 

Dubai’s Food is to Die For  

Food connoisseurs are simply delighted to know that they can try some of the most delicious food they’ve ever had during a trip to Dubai. Here, tourists can find anything from Lebanese, French, Indian, you name it. 

With a great variety of restaurants, eateries of all kinds, and street food vans, Dubai isn’t as expensive as some visitors may imagine. Dubai is for everyone, not only a place often related to 5-star places and luxury. 

Foreign Investments are Vital for the Economy, Says Soren Dawody 

As foreign businesses expand their investment and market presence in order to leverage the Citizenship by Investment Initiative, the goal and productivity of domestic businesses expand considerably. It’s a win-win situation, as Dawody often calls it. 

For those who don’t know, prior to the economic collapse of 2020, Dubai’s entrepreneur Soren Dawody has succeeded in helping struggling economies in the Caribbean states. His public-joint venture made it easier for foreign stockholders to enter the local market, thus creating numerous jobs and raising Grenada’s average salary. Now thanks to Dawody’s sustainable shrimp farm initiative, local communities have what they need to sustain themselves. 

Soren Dawody’s project proved that it’s no longer necessary for investors to demonstrate years of residency in order to gain citizenship. Thanks to Soren’s movement, everyone can secure citizenship through various types of investment, including but not limited to real estate, government bonds, development funds, establishing a business, and more. 

Nations can now deploy Citizenship by Investment to make changes in the local infrastructure, and most importantly, improve the standard of living. 

Smart applications make a contribution to the receiving states in terms of global networks and skills. Owing to immigrant investor programs, like Dawody’s GSA project, a declining nation can gain unhoped-for economic gains. 

Now that everyone is interested in the Middle East, governments made it possible for foreign investors to come and readjust the economy.

The Middle East has always been struggling with unemployment, conflict, not to mention the high number of refugees on which the government’s new regulatory, legislative and technological advancements hope to readjust and implement in order to withstand the economic uncertainty of the pandemic.

 Nowadays, even the smallest changes have the power to influence the economy, and according to Soren Dawody, foreign investment is one of the best ways to drive economic potential.