Sustainable Golf Course Maintenance With Powerful Equipment

Are you recently assigned with the job of golf course maintenance? It is a big responsibility because handling a landmass of around 70 hectares is not an easy thing. You need topnotch equipment capable of handling issues with turf, sand bunkers and various other hazards. A golf course looks beautiful only because of its lush green perfectly-managed turf. Its turf is divided into four different categories on the basis of length. Here is a list of all different turf areas:- 

  1. Tees
  2. Fairway
  3. Greens 
  4. Roughs 

For every single area, we need mowers holding different capabilities. For instance, the tee box needs the closest mowing with minimum possible length. In order to keep the roots intact, you need a reel mower. On the other hand, rough and green areas can be maintained with rotary mowers. Not only mowers but you also need various other equipment for sustainable maintenance. Here we are mentioning all of them along with their significance to your golf course. 

a). Dethatcher

Once you trim grass at the perfect height, its residue remains behind that is called thatch. The layer of thatch is good or your turf to an extent because it acts as organic compost. However, excess of thatch turns into a big problem. It becomes a barrier to the growth of new shoots. In order to remove this excess of thatch, a dethatching machine is the most effective tool. It comes with a rake that removes an extra layer of thatch from the ground. 

b). Trap and bunker rake

Bunkers and other hazards are also important parts of a golf course. In order to maintain the right brittleness of sand, we need a Bunker rake. Rakes are like ploughing devices meant for hovering over the sand. We need rakes especially after rain when sand sets harder. 

c). Irrigator

Sprayers or irrigators are machines capable of watering the entire golf course in a minimum period of time. A water tank is mounted on the back of a vehicle to spray water evenly throughout the entire golf course. it comes with a wide mouth extension of sprayer that covers the maximum possible area within a minimum period of time. Sprayers are among the most important golf course equipment you need. make sure that the tank has adequate capacity to hold water so that you can accomplish the job easily. 

d). Aerators

Dethatcher is not the only tool for escalating turf growth. You also need aerators occasionally. The ground becomes hard after a certain period of time. Consequently,  it becomes necessary to brittle it with the help of an aerating device. Hard ground doesn’t allow new shoots to come out. In order to ensure the right growth of tough, we need an aerator machine. It comes with an extension of coring tines that puncture holes in the ground at a certain distance. In these holes, send is failed to ensure your some brittleness. Grassroots find an easy way to come out through these holes. 

d).Utility Vehicles

As already mentioned above, the golf course is a large lands space covering almost 70 hectares of land. In order to transport golf course maintenance equipment from one place to another, we also need a small vehicle. The utility vehicles of the golf course can serve this purpose perfectly. They come with small trolleys in which you can load miscellaneous accessories. 

These are some of the most important golf course accessories we need. Some used turf equipment can also serve the purpose if we need them less frequently. They will also help in managing power budget sustainably.