Sustainability trends to watch out for in 2021

Just like any enterprise or business, not-for-profit organizations are subject to trends within the sector. Here are a few trends to watch out for in 2021. 

Easy and bespoke giving

One of the main trends that is set to be witnessed by this sector is the ease with which one can contribute to the sector. Numerous nonprofits are doing some notable work – one such charitable organization is Maa Foundation. This charitable institution focuses on the educational reformation in society through a holistic approach. 

Just like the Maa Foundation is doing substantial work in the field of education,  others are doing notable grass root level work across mandates such as healthcare, skill development, woman empowerment, child education, etc., thus making it imperative for them to enable people to donate in ways that they are comfortable. 

These days’ donors want to know the change they are bringing about via their philanthropy. Nonprofits must observe how the donor bases are changing and how the changes will impact them to be able to offer a more customized avenue for donation. 

Technological Advancement

Another emerging trend that the non-profit sector is witnessing is the use of technology to ensure greater transparency and accountability. Nonprofits are shifting from manual efforts to hi-tech solutions such as AI and blockchain for raising funds. Even the communication across all channels – web, mobile, social media is streamlined using the latest software. Mobile marketing techniques are set to see a lot of traction. 

Increased Giving

After the past tumultuous year of 2020, one can predict that 2021 will see enhanced giving and support for charitable organizations. The coronavirus brought to the forefront, the cracks in our world, highlighting the vulnerable communities and people amongst us.  Enhanced support for and recognition of the work done by non-profits will equip us to be better prepared to deal with an unprecedented situation such as this in the future. 

Increased Focus on Non-Profits’ vision and mission 

Everyone is competing for resources, attention, mind share, etc. Organizations in the non-profit sector will have to focus more on their priorities, bringing them to the forefront. 

With everyone scrambling to deal with the pandemic, the non-profits need to stay focused on their mission. This has become more important than ever as that is the sole reason for its existence. 

Take for example the Maa Foundation again, envisioned by Bilakhia brother’s grandmother in 1907 who stressed the importance of education and held it in the highest regard. Over a hundred years later this non-profit has not let go of this vision – it still works towards the growth and prosperity of the underprivileged by keeping education at its center. They create scalable and replicable models to propagate good quality education amongst those that don’t have the access to it.   

Just like Maa Foundation has stayed true to education, nonprofits need to be clear about their priorities as those are what attracted donors in the first place