Sushi Roll vs. Hand Roll – What’s the Difference?

You love to cook, so you have enrolled in a famous culinary school in your town. During your first few weeks of studying, you have encountered sushi roll and hand roll. 

Of course, you have eaten those in restaurants, take-out spots, and food trucks. It is both good and delicious.

But what is sushi roll? What is hand roll? What’s the difference? What are the recipes used? Good question, and this sushi roll vs. hand roll guide is for you. Let’s begin! 

What is Sushi? 

Sushi is a popular dish that uses rice seasoned with vinegar and garnished with fresh vegetables and raw fish inside a seaweed wrap. It comes in various types, including Makizushi, Gunkan maki, nigiri, chirashizushi, narezushi, temaki, Temari, oshizushi, sasazushi, kakinohazushi, inarizushi, and more. 

Sushi Roll 

Commonly known as maki sushi or makizushi, a sushi roll is a dish composes of a healthy variety of ingredients, wrapped or coiled into a cylinder shape. It is then sliced into 6 or 8 pieces, making it a perfect addition to your menu during a family dinner or sushi party. 

Common and popular ingredients include omelet, pickled vegetables, and shiitake mushrooms. There’s no rule to follow. You can also add another ingredient according to your preferences. 

Sushi roll is also available in various forms such as Hosomaki, Uramaki, Futomaki, and Chumaki. But most restaurants offer futomaki and hosomaki. What’s the difference? Hosomaki is thinner, which contains a single ingredient. It can be cucumber, tuna, or salmon. 

On the other hand, futomaki is thicker because it has different ingredients.

You want the sushi roll with several flavors. Futomaki rolls will be your best bet. Plus, it is served with wasabi. 

How to Prepare Sushi Roll? 

–Place the rolling mat on your cutting board or table.

–Place a seaweed wrap.

–Spread a layer of rice. Make sure it is seasoned with vinegar and other condiments. 

–Add fresh veggies and fish at the center of the rice. Slice the carrots and cucumber into smaller pieces. 

–Lift the bottom of the mat. Do not forget to be gentle. 

–Roll and seal the seaweed wrap with some cold water. 

–Slice the sushi roll and put it on a platter. 

Hand Roll

Also called temaki, hand-rolled sushi is a dish wrapped in an ice-cream shape or cone. Similar to a sushi roll, temaki is composed of veggies, rice, and fish. But instead of seaweed wrap, nori wrap is used. 

Unlike sushi roll, temaki is easier to prepare. Anybody can make a hand roll without too many troubles. But it also requires a little practice to perfect this dish. 

Some food lovers eat temaki as a meal alone. You can also use it as an appetizer for your upcoming birthday celebration. 

Common ingredients include carrot, avocado, mango, sesame, and cucumber. You can also add other veggies and fruits to meet and exceed your unique taste buds. 

It is also possible to transform this dish into a vegetarian meal. Sashimi, chicken teriyaki, and shrimp should be on top of your list. 

How to Prepare Hand Roll? 

–Prepare necessary ingredients such as cooked rice, nori sheets, salmon, shrimp, cucumber, carrot, avocados, scallion, pickled ginger, soy sauce, and wasabi paste. 

–Lay a nori sheet on a large plate. 

–Sprinkle your desired amount of wasabi. 

–Place all the rice and other ingredients. 

–Fold the right corner of the nori wrap over the ingredients. 

–Moisten the flap with water to seal the cone. 

–Ready to serve. 

We hope this helps you throughout your culinary studies. For more information, please feel free to browse our site. We have other sushi-related articles you should explore.