Survival Tips If You Hate Your Job and Workplace

If you hate your job, there’s no way to sugarcoat it. Hating your job or workplace is nothing new neither is the thought of quitting it.

Unfortunately, many of us work at a job that we hate, counting down the minutes until we could get out. Walking into your workplace often makes you feel miserable, uninspired, and frustrated. 

It’s draining on your emotions. It takes a lot of mental energy. It also feels like a career pitfall. 

If you hate your job so much, you’re probably not giving it your all and can’t focus on progressing your career. But as much as you feel hate towards your job and would love to quit, you may not be ready now.

Then how do you stay sane to survive?

Here we have listed a few tips for survival when you hate your job or workplace: 

  1. Shift Your Focus and Set Small Daily Goals

The first and most important thing is to set a GOAL. Even having a small daily goal in mind will help you escape your current job. So, whether it’s about switching jobs or being your boss, identify your goal. 

Try to focus on your ultimate goal rather than the temporary situation, and you might find ways to make those moments tolerable. By thinking about the end-result, you might feel motivated to carry on until theres a solid better opportunity waiting for you.

  1. Develop Your Skills

It’s always good to focus on your development. So. the next strategy is to focus on skill development. It’s always good to focus on your development. So, the next strategy is to focus on skill development. Your focus will help your energy flow positively.

You can take up classes or certification courses to upskill yourself and apply it to your current job. Doing so will help you get better jobs the next time around as you will have both the education and the experience.

  1. Get as Much Training as You Can

Companies have started investing in training their employees. So you better take the advantage of it. Some companies offer education benefits, if you do then use them to make yourself more marketable.

  1. Make a Friend at Your Workplace

Spend time with your colleagues like grabbing coffee or having lunch together. Get along, and try to make a friend as it will help do your bearable job a little fun. Being social will make you feel freshen up for your mental health and also make your workday much more enjoyable.

Try to find people that match your energy and does not create more troubles for you. They might help you pass through those rough days at work and help you with the problems you face.

  1. Practice gratitude

One way to survive the feeling of hate towards your job is to practice mindfulness and gratitude. Accept the happenings to be a blessing.

Spend some quality time in the morning before you arrive at work. When you feel overwhelmed, take a breather and collect your thoughts before you get back to the space. Try to set healthy boundaries with work and establish a work-life balance to catch a break. 


Be savvy and survive your job until you can quit!

If you find yourself in a position where you hate your job, there are steps you can take to survive. Find a way to change your daily routine, make work friends, decorate your desk and practice mindfulness. 

If you do some planning with patience you can quit your job and grab a better opportunity.

However, don’t let hatred for your job ruin your career. Remember to always remain professional and leave on good terms with the company. Such an attitude will help you use this job as a reference for the future if needed.