Surveillance cameras for fields and farms

The functionality of security cameras is really wide. You can use cameras to monitor your car, your pet, your children and you can even find surveillance cameras for fields and farms. Yes, in recent years there has been an alarming increase in the theft of crops, livestock and field machinery. If you are in this situation, you will be able to find devices that help you. Field cameras that will tell you who enters your property and when.

Find a large number of surveillance cameras. Of security systems for country houses that can meet all the characteristics you need outdoors.

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What is the best camera for outdoor surveillance?

Avoiding theft in your field is difficult if you don’t install an alarm system. However, you can opt for a field surveillance camera that can monitor your property and thus know who enters and robs it. An image that will become a very important test for future complaints. Now, remember that these cameras will be outside; therefore, you must bet on surveillance cameras that have specific characteristics.

Rugged cameras

A camera to monitor a plantation or a farm must be a camera that withstands changes in temperature. In addition, these surveillance cameras have to be able to withstand water, wind, dust or salt. Not all cameras are prepared to withstand inclement weather.

Surveillance cameras with night vision

If you want to monitor your crops or sheds throughout the day, you have to take into account the low daylight hours. It is not always daylight, and there are cameras that do not have night vision. In order to get a device capable of recording at night, you must look at surveillance cameras with invisible night vision, especially those with a high range.

The appropriate ones are those that have more than 10 meters of range, in case the damage to our property occurs during the night.

Surveillance camera with motion detection

Although you can find models of cameras with continuous recording, it is interesting to lean towards surveillance cameras with motion detection. However, a camera with motion detection will only start recording when it registers a strange movement, so the display of the recordings will be less. This is important, since when viewing the images it will take you a short time, if it were in continuous recording you would have to go slowly and hour by hour to know what was the moment in which everything happened.



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Cameras with great autonomy


In these circumstances, we are interested in cameras with great autonomy. Remember that you are not always on your property, and that many hours may go by without you being there. If you have the possibility to connect it to a wireless internet and activate the notifications.


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