Surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day

The Valentine is one of the days when more flowers are sold throughout the year. Flowers have traditionally been used to express love, admiration and passion and February 14 is the day when all lovers take the opportunity to shout their love from the rooftops.

Although many believe that the red rose is the absolute symbol of love, there are actually many ways to express love through flowers. A flower, a bouquet or a plant express our feelings without having to say a word and brighten the day of those who receive them. Many people love to be given flowers and there are many occasions throughout the year for this, such as a birthday, a wedding or engagement anniversary or simply because they want to give something away on any given day.

Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly THE essential romantic celebration. Lovers around the world consider this day as theirs and beware of the absent-minded person who would fail to commemorate it!

However, this day of celebration of love varies from one continent to another and even from one country to another as much by the date as by the way of celebrating it. Generally considered to be the feast of couples already formed or those looking for a soul mate, Valentine’s Day is the feast of friendship in some countries such as the United States.

From Finland, which organizes the traditional “woman’s carry”, an unromantic race in which the husband carries his wife and where the winner wins the weight of the chosen one of his heart in beer; in Japan, where only the ladies offer their sweetheart a gift (very often chocolate), there is no shortage of ways to satisfy their half and are developing year after year.

If there is one essential day for lovers, it is Valentine’s Day. To offer Valentine’s Day Flowers and convey your Valentine’s Day messages when life takes you away from your love on this memorable day, flower delivery is the lethal weapon for Valentine’s Day!

On Valentine’s Day the streets are filled with flower delivery men who go from one place to another and come across lovers who are on their way to deliver a flower to their partner or who have just received it and walk surrounded by a halo of happiness. Valentine’s Day allows the city to show its most romantic side and everyone to be friendlier.

If you are still wondering which is the most appropriate flower to give your partner on Valentine’s Day, at Hana florists we give you some ideas. But remember that good intention and sincere love is what will make your gift a success.

The red rose, as we have already mentioned, is the quintessential Valentine’s gift. The symbol of love and passion that always comes to mind when we talk about Valentine’s Day.

For those who want to be different and not give the traditional flower of love there are many other good options to express love. The red carnations express love and passion in the same way they do roses, daisies serve to express our purest love, tulips are the best example of love for those who have a relationship long and orchids are the perfect gift for very feminine women as they enhance the mature charm of women.

Perhaps among the flowers that always appear when we talk about the most romantic flowers, the one that your partner likes so much does not appear. Then do not hesitate, decide on a bouquet of her favorite flowers that will show that you know well what she wants and you will make your gift show true love.