Surprise Your Lady Love with Amazing Jewelry Gifts

If there’s a gift that leads you straight into the heart of your lady love, it’s the gift of jewelry. Much appreciated by all women across the world, gifts of jewelry fit every budget as well. So, if you don’t have enough to buy her the glittering gold or diamonds, do not fret, for you can still woo her with a lovely gift of jewelry. 

However, if you are confused about what to buy, we can help. In this article, we curate some classic Indian jewelry online choices that you can’t go wrong with.

Indian necklaces:

This is one element of jewelry you can never have enough of. And this is because of the extensive range available in the market. The variety is vivid and diverse, from simpler chains with pendants to elaborate and dressy choker necklaces Here are a few options to choose from. However, when buying for your lady love, you can go with these safe choices in necklaces: 


A single strand of beautiful pearls or a layered necklace of pearls is a must-have in every woman’s collection. Today a wide variety of designs are available in online stores for you to compare, pick and choose quickly.¬†

Antique style necklaces:

Antique style necklaces are back in vogue and with a bang. This is one style that you can’t go wrong with. So visit your favorite store online, and look at the different lengths and styles to find something you like.¬†


A constant part of Indian jewelry, all women appreciate a beautiful pair of earrings. With the available choice, you can opt between earrings in different colors of metals and stones. You can also look at formal wear for the office, party wear, and ethnic-style jewelry. Here are a few options to choose from.  


The most basic fuss-free kind of jewelry, studs are popular as they go with every attire. Also, these can be worn as second earrings too. Easily wearable even to the swimming pool, these can add the glitter and sparkle your loved one needs. 


These are another classic style of jewelry that’s available both in big and small sizes. Hoops have always been popular, and you can opt for dressy styles that come with multi-stone attachments to ramp up the style.¬†


Longer format earrings are popular too and dressier than the above two options. Displaying a greater degree of craftsmanship, you can opt for these in hues of silver and gold. Also, look at danglers in ethnic and modern designs to suit different occasions your lady love may use them often. 


Another piece of jewelry that you can seldom go wrong with our bracelets. From simple designs to intricately crafted patterns and filigree work, there is plenty to choose from.

However, there’s one thing you need to be sure of: the size of the bangle. If you’re unsure, then opt for styles that have clasps and can fit any wrist size. A few options include¬†¬†


These stackable beauties are usually available in pairs of 2, 4, or 6 bangles. With contemporary and ethnic designs available, these are a good choice for everyone. 


The range of bracelets available in the market has only been growing. Its fascinating to see the intricate work, finesse, and quality of design emerge over time. Available with clasps in diverse formats, this is also a grand choice to go with. However, do ensure that you choose the right size for your lady love. 

Finger rings:

Considered to be the most intimate of all jewelry gifts, rings are a fascinating accessory but a little difficult to purchase. The reason to call these charming stems from the immersive range available online.

Studded with stones and with captivating designs, there are many options to choose from. However, one needs to be sure of buying the right size of the ring, so your lady love can enjoy it for a long time. A few options to consider are:  

Statement rings:

Available with a large striking centerpiece, statement rings are trending today. Also, these make for an elegant accessory that’s easy for most women to carry off.¬†

Stackable rings:

Gone are the days when women just wore one ring on each hand. Today’s women are exploring the fascinating world of stackable rings, which can be worn on the same finger or distributed on both hands too.¬†

Whatever jewelry you choose for your lady’s love, be sure that it aligns with her ideas. Paying close attention to the kind of jewelry she likes may help. Also, do ensure that you have the right size in mind. Keeping a tab of the quality the store offers, its commitment to craftsmanship and return policies may also help.