Support the disabled community worldwide

We are working on the concept/formula The idea is to create a specialty/craft beer with medicinal herbs in it. When you buy a bottle or can “” a small percentage goes to the organization.

The organization will be a registered fund for a nicer and better life (quality of life) for disabled people. The “” will perhaps make it financially possible to complete their mission.

The mission of the organization is to improve, support, inspire, entertain, inform, and develop solutions for the uncomfortable situation of disabled people worldwide.

We have the idea to create several special websites for disabled people worldwide. You can think of an online magazine for disabled people, a radio-website for disabled people, a video/television website for disabled people, and an online newspaper for disabled people.

Maybe other projects and websites will be realized in the future if there is enough money etc.

Do you wanna support the organization? Then check the website “” website if the beer will be realized and where to buy the beer when it will be realized.

Already thanks for visiting the website ! if you want to get more info you can visit here like beer place.

The Team