Support Resistance Indicator

Trading level support resistance indicator are probably some of the most debated aspects of technical analysis. Traders use this terminology to describe price levels on charts that operate as barriers, stopping an asset’s price from moving in a given direction.

As you’ll see, support and resistance can take many shapes, and the concept is more difficult to understand than it appears.


They employ support and resistance levels to identify price areas on a chart where a trend may stall or reverse.

• Demand concentration causes a downturn to pause.

• Supply concentration causes a temporary halt to an increase.

• Traders and investors use market psychology to anticipate future market action.

• Trendlines and moving averages can show support and resistance regions on charts.

Defining Support and Resistance

It’s a price level where a downturn should halt because of a concentration of purchasing activity. Demand for shares rises as the price of assets or securities falls, producing a support line. When prices climb, resistance zones form owing to selling interest.

The price will either bounce back away from the support or resistance level, or it will violate the price level and continue in its course until it reaches the next support or resistance level.

Some deals are timed to avoid support and resistance zones. Traders can “bet” on the direction and immediately determine if they are correct. If the price swings against you, you can close the trade at a loss. Nevertheless, a positive price movement can be significant.


In the cases above, a fixed level prevents price movement. However, because financial asset prices often trend upward or downward, it is fairly uncommon for these price barriers to shift over time. To understand support and resistance, one must understand trends and trendlines.

Other Metrics

Many technical indicators have been created to identify price action barriers. Using these signs effectively takes practice and experience. Regardless of an indicator’s complexity, the detected barrier should be interpreted similarly to simpler techniques.


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