Supermodels of the 90’s then and now

Gianni Versace coined the term “supermodel” in the early 1990s, a term that has since been used to describe popular models who not only received huge royalties, but also contributed to the pop culture of those times. Here are ten models of the 1990s and 2000s who have left their mark on the fashion world.

Carla Bruni is one of the most beautiful models of the 2000s, a singer, an actress and an influential woman of our time, and was born in the Italian town of Turin. Family drama of Bruni reminds a plot of a novel: for many years Carla grew up with the feeling that her parents do not love her and even avoid communication. It was only in her youth that the girl learned that she was born of her mother’s affair with a lover, and the man who raised her put up with her presence in his house all her life.

The young Carla Bruni’s move to Paris was the impetus for her modeling career. She signed a contract with Guess and later started working with Dior, Chanel and Versace.

Carla Bruni sacrificed her education for her career and pursued self-development throughout her life: in one of her interviews she said she used to read Dostoevsky during her breaks between appearances. It was not only the fashion houses that were in demand of the model, the most influential and wealthy men of that time paid attention to Carla. Among her lovers were rocker Mick Jagger, rock musician Eric Clapton, Donald Trump and many others. In 2008 the model won the heart of French President Nicolas Sarkozy and had a daughter with him.

Bruni gave up her modeling career back in the late 90s, but to this day writes songs, releases albums and is involved in charity work.

Cindy Crawford


The world-famous supermodel and TV presenter was born in an ordinary family with average income, went to Illinois – she even received an academic scholarship for her academic success and was the best student in her class.

Widened in the media got the story, under the scenario, the father of the Crawford family suddenly fell ill, and Cindy, along with her sisters had to work part-time on the farm, picking corn. Allegedly during these years a popular photographer Victor Skrebensky, who saw a picture of Cindy Crawford in the newspaper report, offered her first modeling photo shoot in Chicago, which was the breakthrough of 16-year-old Cindy in the modeling business.

However, Cindy herself said that the story was a fabrication by the journalists. Crawford first appeared on the cover of a magazine when she was 17. As a student, in the evenings she worked as a model, collecting portfolios, but soon decided to leave college to devote himself entirely to modeling. Soon after she moved to New York Crawford got her first contract: Photographers’ attention was attracted by a piquant beauty mole above her upper lip. At the turn of 80s and 90s popularity literally fell upon Cindy: she became the face of Revlon cosmetics brand, she was on the cover of Vogue and Cosmopolitan, she was a favourite of Versace.

Crawford’s first husband was Richard Gere – a relationship with the actor began quickly enough and led to a marriage, which, however, fell apart under the influence of the press. A few years after the divorce the model got married to her friend Randy Gerber – a well-known businessman and owner of a chain of restaurants, she gave birth to two children and left the podium to devote herself fully to her family. Today Cindy Crawford is engaged in the production of her own line of cosmetics and she is developing a furniture brand.

Claudia Schiffer

The emergence of the “gold standard” of 90-60-90 models, according to fashion historians, is associated with the appearance of Claudia Schiffer on the catwalk.

As a child, Schiffer did not even dream of a modeling career: she considered herself unattractive, awkwardly built and awkward. In her student years, she was noticed by a photographer at one of the parties, who offered the girl her first photo shoot in Paris. A few years later the model got on the cover of Elle and presented a collection of Chanel on the runway. A landmark in her career was the cooperation with Revlon, Guess, Victoria`s Secret – Claudia Schiffer even made it into the Guiness Book of Records as a leader of the number of covers of glossy magazines.

Linda Evangelista.

World-famous today Linda Evangelista has dreamed of hitting the catwalk since childhood, but for many years she remained in the shadows due to her unconventional appearance. The appearance of her manager Gerald Marie in Linda’s life became the impetus for the start of her modeling career: the first contracts and numerous photo shoots for glossies appeared in those years. Evangelista became the darling of Karl Lagerfeld and for many years collaborated only with the most famous Parisian fashion houses. Despite the brilliant successes in her career, the supermodel’s personal life did not add up: her romances were stormy, but had nothing to do with marital happiness.

In 2015, Linda Evangelista stopped appearing in public, suddenly cutting short her career. And only recently, the model admitted that for many years, she almost does not leave the house because of depression resulting from an unsuccessful procedure of cryolipolysis. The surgery was supposed to correct the star’s figure, reducing the number of fat cells, but the opposite happened: the percentage of fat in tissues began to grow rapidly. The model received support from colleagues and fans – a frank conversation with the public had a positive impact on her mental health.

Naomi Campbell.

The model, nicknamed the Black Panther, first hit the catwalk at the age of 16: by happy coincidence she was spotted by a photographer in a park, and within a few months Naomi Campbell was known by all the fashion houses in the world.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey the supermodel spoke with tears in her eyes about her difficult childhood: she had never seen her father, and her mother, buried in her own problems, had little contact with her daughter and finally abandoned her. Naomi admits that childhood traumas played a significant role in her life: the state of aggression, which often falls into the model, is associated with psychological problems received in her youth.

Campbell was the first black woman to appear on the cover of Vogue: her modelling career began in the 1980s when the fight against racism was still going on. But 10 years later Naomi had already appeared in music videos for Michael Jackson, she took part in Madonna’s photoshoots, she appeared on the cover of Playboy and many other glossy magazines. Perhaps if Naomi Campbell had not appeared in the world of fashion, it would have been much harder for other black models to win their way to fame. Although the model herself now regretfully admits that she did little to defend the rights of black people.

Today Naomi Campbell is still conquering catwalks: the model often appears at the shows of famous fashion houses, appears in talk shows and enjoys the interest of journalists around the world.


Karen Moulder

Another in-demand and highly paid model of the 90’s was Karen Mulder, who, however, in 2001 ruined her career by telling the public about the “wrong side” of the fashion world.

Karen began her modeling career at the age of 15 and by 20 she was already one of the most expensive supermodels. Her face appeared on the covers of all the glossy magazines, and fashion houses were fighting for an opportunity to get the model on their shows.

Karen Moulder surprisingly revealed on a French TV show that she was forced to endure violence and have affairs with officials and high ranking people by the heads of the Elite agency. But the producers of the show have prevented the tape from airing, but Karen herself didn’t want to keep quiet any longer: In an interview with a French publication, she spoke not only about the harassment by government officials, but also by her own father. The supermodel found no support among her friends and family and was sent to a mental hospital for six months. Karen’s further attempts at a singing career were a failure. Today the model rarely appears in public and leads a secluded lifestyle.

Christy Turlington

The famous American model was born in California and had been fond of horseback riding since childhood – Christie gave herself with all the passion to the hobby, which she planned to tie her future to. At 13, she was spotted at the racetrack by Danny Cody, a famous photographer who collaborated with famous brands. After much persuasion, Turlington’s parents gave their consent to shoot – so began the career of the future supermodel. The first contract Christie Turlington signed with Ford Models, but the cooperation was unsuccessful, and photos of the project were considered a failure. Despite the failures, after 2 years Christie`s face was on the cover of Italian Vogue, and a year later she became the face of Calvin Klein fragrance. World fame has also brought her a collaboration with cosmetics brand Maybelline and L`Oreal. Christie Turlington is one of the ‘Big Six Supermodels’ – the highest paid and most recognizable models of the 90s.

Turlington ended her career in 1993, but has continued to appear periodically in advertising photo shoots for major brands. In 2010 the model founded an organization aimed at preventing deaths during pregnancy and childbirth. Today, the former supermodel is raising two children and has been happily married for many years to writer and director Brian Burns.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss, 14, received her first invitation to a photo shoot at the New York airport from modeling agent Sarah Dukas, who happened to see her. Her short stature and boyish figure was atypical for models of the 90s, but the childishness of the model’s facial features attracted the most famous fashion houses.

In 1993 the model signed a contract with Calvin Klein. Feminine and fragile, Kate Moss set the tone for a new type of sexuality. That same year the young model landed on the cover of Vogue. Soon the world would be discussing her romance with actor Johnny Depp, which, however, would lead the beauty to a rehab clinic: Kate Moss admits that she has been using alcohol and illegal substances for years in an attempt to recover.

In a few years, the model would make a huge impact on mass fashion when she returned to the fashion scene. Skinny jeans, uggs, ballerinas, Balenciaga handbags gained popularity thanks to Kate Moss.

Today Kate Moss collaborates with Vogue and her main project is to promote her daughter Lila’s modelling career.

Elle Macpherson.

The model, nicknamed The Body, has delighted the fashion world with her chiseled figure for over 30 years. In the 90’s Elle Macpherson was on the cover of Elle, Vogue, GQ, Harpers `s Bazaar and other glossy magazines.

Elle Macpherson began her modeling career at the age of 17, taking her first photo shoot to pay for her law school education. However, her brown eyes and long legs drove the most popular fashion houses crazy. A few years after starting her career together with her friends Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Christie Turlington the model opened a chain of restaurants around the world and also launched her own lingerie line.

Today Elle Macpherson continues to amaze her fans with her beautiful figure and sparkling smile. At 54, she does not stop posing in bikinis, actively conducting social media and surfing.

Helena Christensen

The Danish supermodel who conquered the world’s catwalks of the 1990s has successfully worked with Chanel, Versace, Doir, Yves Saint Laurent and other famous brands. At 17, Helena won the Miss Universe title, and a year later she became the muse of the great Karl Lagerfeld. Christensen, who became an angel of Victoria`s Secret brand, was popular with influential men. Among her lovers were Leonardo DiCaprio – her romance with the young actor was short-lived – and Norman Reedus, by whom the model gave birth to her son Mingus, who later became a mannequin in the world of high fashion.

At the 34th year of life, the model decided to leave the catwalk, but many years later she still attends fashion shows and appears on the covers of glossy magazines. Helena Christensen also took a great interest in photography: the model more and more often prefers to be on the other side of the camera and even appeared as the author of several covers of fashion magazines.