Sunglasses Care Tips – Guide for Taking Proper Care of Sunnies

Are your sunglasses an active part of your everyday life? Well, then you must be aware of the pain of damaging or scratching them accidentally. But what do you do to protect them? If sunglasses are your must go accessory in outdoor activities, damaging them is the last thing you wanted.

After wasting a lot of hours in finding a pair of shades that look wonderful with the style you carry, you wanted them to last long too. How to take proper care of the sunglasses? Here are important tips to help you keep them in shape, looking sharp and last long.

Avoid scratches:

Always handle your sunnies with care, not only while putting them on or off. Protect them when you are not wearing them too. Placing them everywhere is the main culprit of scratches on distorted glasses. Make sure to protect them in hard glasses cases beforehand, while tucking them away in a bag or placing them anywhere.

Want sleeker and classier sunglasses cases for yourself, every design and pattern are made available. You can also use a microfiber soft case that protects sunglasses as well as used as a cleaning cloth.

Rinse them often:

To keep your sunglasses smudge & dirt free, wash them almost every day. Also, rinse the glasses with lukewarm water and allow them to air dry.
Can’t place them in the air dryer? Consider wiping them with a soft microfiber cloth. Avoid using napkins, paper towels and tissues, as they may scratch the lenses.

Use approved cleaners:

Never wipe the lenses dry. Always use a cleanser specially made for cleaning lenses to avoid damaging the coating on lenses. Try carrying the cleaner and the microfiber along in the sunglasses case wherever you go and enjoy a grimeless view all day long.

Never consider other household cleaners like Windex, vinegar or alcohol to clean lenses as they may contain harmful chemicals that can remove the delicate coating of the lenses and cause wear.

Handy sunglasses kit:

If you wear sunglasses regularly, it is susceptible to tiny wear and tears that should never be ignored. A small tweak in the hinge or screw getting loosened is a possible reason that may affect the comfort of an eyeglass wearer.

So, keep the sunglasses repair kit containing a small screwdriver, screws, lens cleaning solutions, microfiber cloth, a spare sunglasses case handy to keep your sunglasses fit and fine for a longer time.

Refrain from wearing them on your head:

The stylish pair is not for your head. People often put sunglasses up when using them off and on or holding hairs with sunglasses. however, this can be risky. Your glasses are made for your eyes and the shape, the fit and the size is all based on your face. If you wear them on your head, the product may get distorted and change shape.

Protecting your sunglasses from bending and stretching, not only makes them comfortable to use but also they are less likely to slip off and fall off after frequent usage.

We know your sunglasses are a vital part of your personality. If you want the pair to last long, it is best to be careful while handling them. Use these essential tips to extend the life of wonderful shades. Furthermore, if you have any doubt regarding taking proper care of glasses, talk to us and we will be glad to help you.


Sally Clason is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger. She has hands on experience in operations, digital marketing and business development in the technology industry.