Sun Shy? Consider These 5 Indoor Summer Activities

It’s possible to enjoy summer without exercising outdoors. Even though summer is usually considered the season for being outside, it can be very easy for some people to succumb to heat-related health complications if they spend too much time in the sun. There are plenty of indoor activities available in summer for those who prefer not to sweat in the heat. Staying fit and having fun indoors is an excellent way to avoid the sun and stay healthy. Many indoor activities may even provide a better workout because someone is not slowed down by heat exhaustion. Whether you are looking to get out of the heat in the Arizona desert or are getting the most out of your air conditioning in the gold coast of Australia, you can find something to do that is fun, athletic, and indoors.

The best way for someone to decide on the best indoor exercises for them is to experiment. Try out different things. Here are five indoor activities that you might want to consider trying out.  

Swim in an Indoor Pool.

Indoor pools are popular year-round. Usually, it’s because indoor pools have heating systems that control the water’s temperature. Since the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold, swimmers do not have to worry about the temperature outside. It makes no difference whether it’s winter or summer. 

Many people consider swimming an almost perfect individual sport. Swimming keeps the heart rate up, builds stamina, increases muscular strength, and improves cardiovascular health. Swimming also maintains a healthy weight and enhances the health of a person’s heart and lungs.

Work up a Sweat at a Racquetball Court.  

Racquetball is more strenuous than most people think. Sports researchers estimate that a player runs around 3,650 feet in 20 minutes. Racquetball strengthens bones and muscles, and many people claim it eases their back problems.  

Because racquetball involves the use of so many muscle groups, it improves overall strength. Racquetball is a fast-moving activity that can help get fit quickly, even if they only play a few games a week. 

The health benefits of playing racquetball include burning fat and improving cardiovascular health. Since it’s almost impossible to stop long enough in the middle of a game to have time to feel anxious or depressed or mull over personal issues, it’s not surprising that racquetball provides mental benefits, too.

Jump On a Trampoline

An indoor trampoline, also known as a rebounder, is a great activity for everyone. It’s an ideal option for kids when they’re stuck inside. With larger models, parents can exercise with their children.

Someone can use a trampoline in a fun way, playfully trying to see how high they can jump, or they can use it in a more serious way to improve athletic fitness. Some good exercises to do on a trampoline are running on the spot with a timer or using light dumbbells to exercise biceps, triceps, and deltoid muscles.   

Trampoline jumping enhances balance, coordination, and motor functions. It targets the back, center, and leg muscles. It also works, the arms, neck, and glutes. Studies suggest that bouncing on a trampoline can improve bone health and may increase bone thickness and strength.   

Fly Upwards in a Wind Tunnel

Vertical airstreams generated by gigantic fans propel someone in a wind tunnel to fly upward. Indoor skydivers can experience the adventure of flight without taking any risks–because indoor skydiving allows someone to fly in an upward air stream without having to jump out of a plane or deploy a parachute. In fact, indoor skydivers receive similar euphoria as outdoor skydivers during the freefall phase.

Workout With Others at a Fitness Center

People who need additional motivation to exercise may also benefit from going to a rec center or gym. People who exercise with a partner are usually more motivated than those who exercise alone.  

Apart from the social aspects of a gym, group exercises led by certified trainers ensure members get a safe and effective exercise. People who hate challenging exercises like burpees can’t avoid doing more vigorous exercises when everyone in their fitness class is doing them.

Moreover, training with a trainer gives someone the opportunity to try new exercises that they may not have discovered on their own.    

Many fitness centers also provide plenty of amenities. Hot showers, saunas, pools, and even spas make any activity feel much more luxurious.  

Build an Exercise Routine

Exercising occasionally or simply attempting new activities rarely yields the real benefits of exercise. Fitness is a lifestyle choice. 

If someone tries any of the exercises listed here, he or she should choose the one they prefer and develop a routine around it.

People who enjoy different types of indoor activities can use different exercises to achieve different results. A person might swim for overall fitness, use a rebounder to improve cardiovascular health, and join an exercise class at a gym to enjoy working out with other people.