Sun-Protective Swimsuits – Don’t Miss Out On The Sun

Be the girl who just wanna have fun in the sun with sun-protective swimsuits!

Whether it’s for sun safety, fashion or comfort, sun protection bathing suits will help you stay passionate in and around water. We have designed these amazing sun protection swimwear with authentic base, innovation and using pioneer technology that’s created for the ladies who want to go for their beach day out happily. Our beautiful sun-protective swimsuit will bring performance, comfort and style for everyone who enters the market. From racing in the beach for a record finish to making memories at the beach, these sun protection swimwear will protect you in the scorching sun. 

Enjoying in the sun without any adequate protection is difficult for the ones who can’t bear the sun due to medical reasons . Plus, overexposure to UV radiation causes short term health ailments like wrinkles, sunburns and sunspots. Long term exposure also increases the risk of damage to the skin that might cause melanoma, skin cancer or damage to the eyes resulting in cataracts. However, when you have sun protection clothing by your side, you will feel lighter and happy at the beach. Sun protection swimwear is luxuriously designed to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. If you’re overexposed to the sun, UV rays can damage your skin tissues. The best part is when you wear UV protection swimwear, you’ll have effective protection against the sun rays. 

What is SPF?

Also known as the sun protection factor, it’s the degree to which sunscreen is expected to safeguard a human from exposure to the sun. For instance- if you want burn protection in just one minute, SPF 10 sunscreen, it means you won’t burn your skin. 

What is UPF?

Popularly called the Ultraviolet protection factor, it measures the amount of degree to which UV radiation is filtered by your swimwear fabric. This is basically measured based on the amount of radiation that passes through the fabric, rather than the effect on any person. Basically, SPF measures the UVB radiation only and not all the fabrics have the potency to offer you protection against the sun. UPF helps in the measurement of the degree of protection provided by SPF.

Final Words 

Wearing UV sun protection swimwear improves skin conditions. Even skin cancer experts have recommended ladies to go for this swimwear to stay away from the direct sunlight. There are different types of protection swimwear, both sports specific and casual made of nylon and lycra. Swimwear protection includes wetsuits, customizable rash guards, swim shirts, full sleeve surf suits and so on. Most of the UV protection swimwear is made of durable fabric to guarantee you full protection. 

Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air because that’s where you belong!