Summit International Pageants – Empowering Women of all Cultures

Beauty pageants have been around for centuries and despite a recent decline in their popularity, there are still plenty of reasons to participate in them. Beauty pageants, for one, foster self-esteem and confidence. Being in a pageant can make you feel more attractive and self-assured, both on and off stage. Furthermore, participating in beauty pageants can be a wonderful way to meet new people from multiple regions.

Taking part in these competitions has several advantages for one’s personality. For starters, pageants encourage girls to exhibit grace and confidence from a young age and can turn out to be a stepping stone for a modeling or acting career. Additionally, the participants are able to learn how to speak in front of an audience and manage interview questions, both of which are considered crucial abilities in the real world.

The 1920s witnessed a rise in popularity for pageants in the United States, and today dozens of different events are staged annually. Many consider beauty pageants as a way to build self-confidence, while some see them as a way to positively celebrate feminine beauty. Taking part in a pageant can boost one’s confidence, especially for young girls who might be having problems with their body image. These competitions frequently include public speaking and stage performances, which can turn any shy competitor into a more self-sufficient one in front of a crowd. Intending to provide young girls with much-needed self-esteem, Kelly Trang Tran and Alex Hoang Bui founded Summit International Pageants.

The Summit International Pageants is a U.S.-based annual beauty pageant run by SAKA Production Inc. The event seeks to promote peace by uniting women from different nations and empowering them to serve as positive role models. On January 26, 2017, The Summit International Pageants was established by the U.S. Marine veteran Alex Bui and his wife Kelly Trang Tran, a former Mrs. Vietnam World 2015, Mrs. Vietnam World 2015, former Ms. United States of America International 2014, and Ms. United States of America International 2014.

Director of Mrs. Vietnam World and a member of the Mrs. World organizing team, Miss Kelly Trang Tran is one of the world’s most successful women of Vietnamese origin. Kelly Trang Tran, wearing a styled ao dai she fashioned herself, took home the prize for the best national costume at the Mrs. World beauty pageant in 2015. In order to find the new face of Vietnamese women among the participants of Mrs. World, Miss Kelly Trang Tran has been holding the Mrs. Vietnam World competition since 2016. Kelly is also an active figure when it comes to volunteer projects in the Vietnamese community and received a certificate of merit for her volunteer work from President Obama before he left the White House on January 20, 2017.

A representative from each nation is chosen by Summit International Pageants so that they can discuss ways to improve the future of women around the world. These representatives take part in a beauty contest that gives them the chance to represent Summit International Pageants as an ambassador. Pageant winners are expected to embody the organization’s beliefs and vision.

The three fundamental values of the Summit International Pageants are “Connect, Empower, and Peace” as it aims to bring together women from various countries. After completing and submitting the online form provided on the Summit International Pageants website, contestants are chosen to compete in the pageant. Participants must pay an application fee in order for their application to be processed. Participants are divided into three groups based on their age ranges: Miss 18–29, Ms. 30-55, and Mrs. above 18 and married.

Participants in the Summit International Pageants are only allowed if they have never been convicted of a crime and have never appeared nude in media. The yearly competition grants competitors formal entry, hotel accommodations, and meals throughout the pageant week. Participants are featured in a full-page contestant spotlight advertisement in the Annual Magazine. Summits International Pageants’ debut production took place from January 23 to January 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Throughout the pageant, a number of activities were planned for the candidates, including a private helicopter tour of the city. They also had the opportunity to try a range of cuisine from various cultures.

Everybody is beautiful in their own special manner; therefore, beauty is a universal aspect of every living soul. However, Summit International is looking for its queens to have the bravery to lead, be open to learning, and be passionate about the community. The organization wants its queens to not only have a good impact on their local community, but also on the lives of a wider international audience.

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