Summer Houses and Its Ultimate Guide

Summer houses are mostly referred to as a place where you relax and take an escape from the real world during fine weather. Most people built it in their garden, and it is like a room built of wood and people enjoy having them. People want to free themselves from all the mental sickness and physical sickness, so they take the help of these summer houses. 

They are also referred to as holiday houses or in some areas also known as summer cottages and they are mostly warm but not too warm and warm enough to tag away from the coldness so basically, they are at room temperature. If you are interested to know more about it visit Garden and patio online website.

What is Summer Houses Made of?

They are made of different materials and it mostly depends on the owner in what way he or she wants it to be. Most of them are usually constructed with timber that is often suitable year-round. Nowadays people put additions to them of particular stuff such as an oven or a fireplace. 

If you are curious about what type of wood should be used to make a summer house, the right material for you is spruce. Spruce has smaller knots in it so it is a better option but of course, wood is a natural product so eventually, during the dryness, the knots will probably shrink up. You can visit here to have a look on the 2021 best summer houses: Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think about the collections above.

Cost of a Summer House.

The main thing that people see before making a summer house is what its cost is. The answer to this is that it depends on how you want it to be. It involves other things as well such as the material you end up using and the additions you add to it so at the end an estimate is made after adding everything

If you make the summer house out of concrete then it can cost around 10,000 pounds after adding the labor along with the material.

Secondly, if you want it to be made out of timber that is basic then it will probably cost you around 3000 pounds

After that, if you want it to be made up of prefabricated timber then it will cost you 7500 to 8000 pounds

Lastly, if you want the timber to be custom then the price can be a little over normal summer houses as it can reach up to 30,000 pounds starting from around 25,000 after adding up the labor cost in it as well.

Advantages of Summer Houses

  • Energy efficient

It is a great way of solving out the problem of using gas and electricity in your own house as most of them are attached to a solar panel on their roof and everything works with the help of it and that why it also leads to being an eco-friendly house

  • Property value boost

If your property consists of one of these summer houses then you are probably in for a big treat as they help you boost up your properties value in money as the summer houses add a rich look towards every house and these days summer houses are a big trend and people are madly in love with them.

  • Privacy

Summer houses can give you a lot of privacy. For example, if there are people at your house and your space to attend your meetings or do your private stuff, you can just walk a couple of steps to the summer house and do what is required.

  • Storage space

Summer houses help a lot to act as a storage facility as a room can fit in stuff that you cant fit in your house and that’s the moment summer houses come into action and they won’t be far as well as they will be just a few steps away and you can walk and grab whatever you want anytime.

Disadvantages of Summer Houses.

If we talk about the bad side of summer houses the only problem is that summer houses don’t contain any disadvantages and that is why it is a trend and people are in love with it

  • Insects

Wood being a weakness in front of insects is a big disgrace for the summer houses as they start getting eaten up by insects which eventually bring down the quality of wood and break it down in a year or so.

  • Expensive 

Summer houses cost a lot of money but at the same time, it’s an investment as well. For some people, they can’t really afford it because it cost a lot or if u build one which is cheaper than others then it will probably be down in 2 to 3 years because insects would eventually bring it down

In the end, it is your choice on how you want it to be as they can bring a lot of easiness and relaxation to your life.

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