Summer Camping. Use the Ideas to Have More Fun!

Summer is the best season for outdoor travel and adventure. The weather is fine, and you can easily manage to get a couple of days away from work. It is also the best time to pack the travelling gear, hit the road, and become close to nature. Here are some of the best ideas for warm weather camping, so that you can make the most of the outing.

Choose the Right Tent

The canvas wall tent is the perfect choice for vacation this summer. In the canvas wall tents, you can have a perfect family stay where you can easily arrange the kitchen stuff and other required things. You would want camping to be full of fun and not dull. When you have purchased a quality tent, there are no worries about the equipment, not working. Heavy duty canvas tents for camping are meant to last and come with a warranty.

Use Orange Lighting

At the campsite, bright lights attract bugs like anything. The best way to mitigate is by selecting the orange lighting for illuminating the campsite at night. Warm lighting is not attractive to the bugs, so while you cannot ditch the mosquito repellent, it will surely minimize the presence.

Wear Light Colored Clothing

Look for long sleeves to guard yourself against the sun and prefer light fabrics. They dry faster and help to regulate the temperatures. Consider technical synthetics or merino wool. It is best to wear cotton in warm weather, but it could still be uncomfortable can cause chafing when you start to perspire as it doesn’t dry quickly when it is wet.

Protect Against Insect Bites

When you are camping close to the water, you will not have to walk far for the afternoon dip. However, keep the insect bites like mosquitos and midges in mind. The summer months the best breeding time. The insects breed in the water so you would want to put a bit of distance between water and the site. Besides the mozzies and midges, the flies are also big trouble to deal with while cooking or relaxing outdoors. Using a quality head net will help you to keep safe when blowflies start to swarm. Else, you can also set up a screen room so that you can sit and relax in the ventilated space in peace. It would be best if you carry a thermal mozzie repeller.

Take the Fly Off the Tent for More Ventilation

If the tent is made from synthetic material, it will get stuffy in the warm weather. The reason is that it is not breathable like natural fiber and cotton. If you are sure that the rain is not in the card, it is best to sleep with the fly off and allow maximum airflow through the tent. It cools down the temperature from the inside and keeps the air fresh.


Enjoy your outdoor trip to the max using a heavy-duty canvas tents for camping. It is breathable and hence preferred.