Summer Beauty Essentials

When summer rolls around, one has to be ready for the unique conditions and how those conditions impact your beauty regimen. Of course you’ll want to be looking your best at all times, but you also have to consider good health during those hotter months. Good health and good beauty go hand in hand, after all.

Here are some things you should never enter any summer season without:

1. Tanning Products

Shop for tanning body butter, spray-on tan and other similar products so you don’t have to put yourself through the potentially dangerous time of getting a tan from the sun’s UV. These tanning products have come a long way from the heady, streaky days of the 1970s! Modern tanning products apply better and look more natural, last longer, and don’t get impacted as much by outside factors.

Tanning products go top of our list because improvements in these products means they are now the best alternative to a natural tan using the sun’s UV. While that can be an enjoyable experience for many, the risks of cancer and other problems are very real and anything you can do to avoid those is critically important.

2. Deep Pore Cleanser

Summer is a time where we get hot and skin clogged up a lot more because we’re active outdoors. We get covered in sea water while surfing, pool water while swimming, in our own sweat while playing tennis and golf, and still we have the general grease and grime of a long day of work each day in the late afternoon.

The added oils, grease, sweat and other contaminants in the summer months call for a truly deep skin cleanser, one that can get into every pore and deliver fresh, magnificent results every single day.

3. Sunscreen

Regardless of your tanning habits, sunscreen is another absolute must for the summer months. It’s not just a safety item though, but also one of beauty. There’s nothing nice-looking about burned red skin that’s peeling, nor is there anything pretty about terrible conditions that can follow such a thing. Pack sunscreen in your bag everywhere you go during the summer.

4. Body Scrub

We covered the need for a deep pore cleanser further above that helps unclog your face pores, but what about the rest of your body. Properly exfoliating in the summer months will help keep your skin fresh and strong. It’s especially important for those with fairer skin to exfoliate in these hot months where the heat can really do a lot of damage to your skin. A good body scrub will get rid of dead skin and leave you feeling better.

For the body, products with sea salt and sugar are usually the best, but you can explore any brand that you like to find something that works for you.

5. Hair Conditioner

Summer heat brings dryness to your hair as well as your skin. Keeping your hair washed is one thing, but conditioner is even more important in these hot months to help restore oils and moisture to your hair. You’ll likely be showering more frequently in the summer, and most likely washing your hair more. Conditioning the hair will ensure it doesn’t dry out or lose its lustre.

6. Bright-Colour Nail Polish 

If you want to stand out in the summer season, it’s the perfect opportunity to whip out your most brightly and vivid-coloured nail polishes! You may have stuck with more muted colours for the autumn and winter, but it’s time to let everything shine, now. The brighter the better! 

7. Vitamin C Serum

Finally, vitamin C brings innumerate benefits to your skin and the rest of your body. Vitamin C serums are a good way to supplement your intake as part of your beauty regime and bring those benefits directly to your skin’s surface.

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