Sugar-Free Cookies You Can Buy From Famous Indian Brands

Thousands of times we all have heard that snacks are not healthy. We should not eat any cookies or biscuits, they are made with unhealthy ingredients have lots of sugar and fats, and will increase our calories.

But now you can eat as many Cookies and Biscuits as you want to eat because some brands are come up with healthy and tasty Cookies with no added sugar, natural ingredients. That is good for health and you can add it into your daily eating habits. Let’s see those brands that are making Sugar free, healthy, and tasty Cookies.

List of Healthy and Sugar Free Cookies and Biscuits

1. Mcvities Digestive

Mcvities Digestive

Mcvities Digestive Biscuits consist of less than 50 calories that is good for your health. It has zero per cent added sugar. This biscuit has the goodness of Maida and wholegrain that reduce the risk of heart disease. Mcvities is a trusted brand for a very long time; it has a wide range of biscuits and cakes.

 You will find many healthy ingredients in this Biscuit like wheat flour, vegetable oil, skimmed milk, etc. having these biscuits as snacks are good for your health. It is easily available in online and offline grocery stores. It is available in different packs and at different prices.

2. Unibic Fruit & Nut Cookies

Unibic Fruit & Nut Cookies

This cookie has the flavor of almond and cashew that makes this cookie tastier.  The best thing about these biscuits is it has less fat zero percent added sugar. It consists of many healthy and tasty ingredients like Maida, edible oil, nuts butter, date syrup, solid milk, etc.

You can eat it as snacks with tea, coffee, and milk. You can buy this biscuit from offline stores and from online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Groffers, JioMart, and Bigbasket, etc. Do not forget to go through all offers and discounts like Amazon Pantry offer, JioMart Offers, etc. to avail of discounts on your purchase.

3. Hey Grain Cookies 

Hey Grain Cookies

Hey, Grain Cookies are favorite cookies for those who love to eat healthy and tasty snacks. These cookies are available in different flavors like Besan, Almond, etc. these cookies are totally sugar-free zero percent added sugar.

This cookie is made of natural grain, oil, and sugar with many health benefits. Only a few ingredients are used to make these cookies like, Cardamom powder, Salt, Baking powder, Milk, Canola oil, Butter, Organic Besan, Stevia Leaves, and few more ingredients are added to make the other flavor. You can buy these cookies in combo offer too.

4. Dezire Natural cookies

Dezire Natural cookies

Dezire natural cookies are one of the sugar-free cookies even though it has no sugar but it tastes very delicious. No Maida is used to make these cookies it is made up of white flour, Oats, milk powder, the goodness of multigrain, nuts, corn starch.

This cookie is very healthy for diabetes patients as it has many healthy ingredients and at the same time, it tastes really good. This brand has a wide range of products available like peanuts, tea leaves, etc. this cookie is available in different packs. You can get a discount you will buy this from online grocery stores.

5. BAKITO’S Multigrain Sugar Free Cookies

BAKITO'S Multigrain Sugar Free Cookies

People like to eat this biscuit, especially in winters as it has til and jaggery. It is good to eat til and jaggery in winters. It is made up of natural ingredients, multigrain, and no sugar. One special thing about this cookie is it is handmade and pure.

 It is rich in protein and has the goodness of whole grain. You can get this cookie in three different flavors from online stores it is rarely available on offline stores.

6. Britannia Nutri Choice Digestive Biscuits 

Britannia Nutri Choice Digestive Biscuits

Britannia is the trusted brand in India for a long time it is kind of impossible to say that somebody has never tasted Britannia Biscuits. It is a plain biscuit with no flavour added. Ingredients that use to make this biscuit are whole wheat flour, refined wheat flour, Liquid Glucose, solid milk, sugar, etc.

These are the ingredients that make this biscuit healthy. It has no cholesterol and no trans-fat good for diabetes patients. You will find plenty of other Britannia products in the market and different Britannia Biscuits in the market.

7. Haldirams Cookies Heaven-Atta 

Haldirams Cookies Heaven-Atta

Most People don’t know that makes Biscuits too. If you have never tasted this biscuit you should surely try Haldirams Cookies Haven. It tastes very delicious. It is made with the goodness of wheat flour and it is not fried it is baked to give it a more delicious taste.

Some healthy and pure ingredients are used to make these cookies like whole wheat flour, milk solids, sugar, clarified butter, vegetable oil, pure honey, natural corn flour, custard powder, etc. only natural, healthy, and pure ingredients are used to make Haldirams Cookies heaven that is good for our health. There are very soft and easily melt in your mouth.


Everyone likes to eat snacks like cookies and Biscuits. Most now Cookies and Biscuits are made up of unhealthy ingredients and unhealthy oils, but there are some Cookies and Biscuits that are healthy and tasty at the same time. There are some famous brands of Biscuits and Cookies that make healthy Cookies and Biscuits with no added sugar or any unhealthy ingredients. Brands like Britannia, Mcvities, Haldirams, Bakitos, etc. are those brands have some of the best cookies and Biscuits.