Suffering from eye problems? Try Ortho-K treatment with any pain

We have seen a lot of people wearing glasses to make their vision better. Wearing glasses is good but something if we forget to wear it then it may create some problem in vision. That’s why one can try Ortho-K. It is a kind of eye treatment that might be solved without any pain. It uses gas-permeable contact lenses that are designed to wear at night. People can wear it during the day for a better result they need to wear it overnight. The orthokeratology singapore provides the best services regarding curing our eye problems.

It helps in curing several eye diseases; all you need to give time. However, it might take several months for a better result. Kids are the best candidates for using these lenses as they don’t like to wear glasses. Most people think that it is a new treatment for the eyes, but in reality, it is the old treatment formed in 1990.

How does it work?

  • We might be seen lots of people who do the operation to make their vision clear. This aspect is one of the most difficult and painful; through this, they can use orthokeratology. It helps in reshaping the cornea by wear.
  • People need to wear it at night before going to bed and put it out in the morning. It is not essential that you need to wear it at night only. If you want you can wear it in the daytime as well.
  • The Doctor recommends it to wear these lenses at night because reshaping the comfort zone is essential. This will only do by night while you are sleeping.
  • The reshaping is only done with the help of hydraulic force as it squeezes the cornea.
  • If you think that this process may not take more time, then it is wrong. For fitting the cornea, you need to wear multiple lenses, and it requires several months to fit into your eyes.
  • It is not the long-lasting vision aspect. It means the last effect of these lenses is life, lastly, for one day. You need to wear it regularly to get a clear vision.
  • It covers all the insurance policies as the patients need to pay only a small amount.

Is it safe?

Researchers show that orthokeratology is a safe treatment for controlling myopia and clear vision. But in some cases, there is a risk of eye infection by wearing any type of contact lens. For each age, the contact lenses are different, so you need to consult with the Doctor before wearing lenses. In addition, you need to maintain all the things like cleaning the lens and attend a regular eye examination.


Orthokeratology can be termed the best treatment for your eyes version, but you need to keep all the aspects in mind for this. Therefore, try to consult with the best specialist before wear it. Through the above content, you will get to know about the work of orthokeratology.