Succeed in Drop shipping: 8 SEO Friendly Tips

You have your e-commerce niche as well as the right drop shipping supplier. You have created your online store. But to make a turnover, the clientele is gold! SEO or Search Engine Optimization proves to be the strategy par excellence for attracting prospects and future buyers, by standing out from the competition. How to succeed in drop shipping thanks to natural referencing? Adopt without delay these 8 effective tips.

Promote your e-commerce site with a professional blog

The blog is an effective tool in drop shipping to give visibility to your brand and present your store. If it is well constructed, with quality content, it can improve the number of visitors and make them want to buy your products. In general, a blog publishes articles related to your field of activity and your goods for sale. It is a technique to make the Internet user think of your product when he needs it. Your articles must then be perfectly cared for to assert your professionalism and please your readers.

1. Take care of the content of the articles

The title is the first element that the reader will look at. Optimizing it is therefore essential. It should be short, clear, precise, catchy, and perfectly reflect the content of your article. For search engines to index your pages, your title must also be unique and include relevant keywords.

Did you manage to catch the internet user’s eye? To convince him to continue reading, the introduction must be just as powerful. It must contain the main keyword and summarize all the content of your text, but without revealing everything. This is called the inverted pyramid technique.

Let’s move on to the body of your article. Users are less patient when reading on a mobile device. The content must therefore be adapted to the various screens to encourage them to read until the end. Then compose a structured, uncluttered text with short sentences adapted to your target. Again, add the keywords wisely. To keep the user on your site as long as possible, make an internal mesh, that is to say, insert links to your other blog pages.

2. Keep the blog active

Natural referencing corresponds to the processing carried out by Google to classify and display the results resulting from a request typed by the Internet user. A technique to see your site appear in the first pages of results is to animate your blog. So be sure to feed it regularly with topical and optimized texts. Indeed, a living blog demonstrates that your site is interesting and coherent. These are real relevance indicators for Google.

Hence the importance of defining an editorial calendar. Planning the dates, subjects and deadlines of the articles to be posted online will allow you to better organize yourself. This global vision, ideally over a year, will help you anticipate the photo or video sessions of your products. To devote yourself to these time-consuming image sessions, get help. The freelance SEO web editors of La Redact du Web master the animation of blogs according to the editorial line of their clients.

3. Build an e-mailing list

Get closer to customers to build loyalty. To do this, you need to have the email addresses of your prospects. But according to the law, their prior consent is required. There is an excellent method to acquire these contact details: offer your reader an e-book or any other virtual product, in exchange for their email address. But beware, this bonus must be free and of high quality. Why not get yourself an e-book in less than a week?

Once your email list is built, set up email campaigns. The principle consists in sending a common email to several recipients at the same time. It’s a kind of direct mail in digital version. The sending can be a newsletter of your news, like the newsletter. It can also correspond to a current promotional offer or to a prospecting email.

Succeed in drop shipping with optimized product sheets

The Internet user can neither observe nor really touch your product in its smallest corners. It is therefore essential that you pay close attention to your online product sheets.

4. Write optimized product sheets

The consumer must immediately understand what your good consists of and have a precise view of its characteristics. For the Internet user to quickly find your products, the quality of your descriptions is essential. It is all of these points that will push him to add your product to the basket.

A high-performance product sheet meets these criteria:

  • a clear, detailed and unique description;
  • a description adapted to your target;
  • a content of more than 300 words;
  • readable text containing key information, relevant links to other products in your store, and relevant keywords;

Writing product sheets can quickly become tedious if you have a large number of products. To avoid this task, do not hesitate to tell us about your project. Many ghost book writers, specialized in writing product sheets, are available on our platform to provide you with personalized descriptions. You will save both time and conversion rate.

5. Guide your potential buyer

Beyond the technical aspects of your product, another way to succeed in drop shipping is to help the consumer imagine himself with your good in his daily life. Give him advice on its use as if you were having a direct conversation with him. Bring him ideas on its use and argue how your product can benefit him. If you are a brand of ready-to-wear or decorative objects, put your prospect in a situation. Project the potential buyer into the various occasions where he could wear your garment or use your decorative item.

For lack of time or inspiration, many e-merchants keep the same description for several products. This is a big mistake. It is imperative that you describe each of your items differently while guiding the future buyer because text copy is penalized by Google. Indeed, identical or similar content is considered duplicate content. To prohibit this method, search engines also apply a filter that hides duplicates from the eyes of the reader.

6. Optimize Photos

Do not neglect the photos of your products! Indeed, they reflect the window of your shop. These visuals must therefore be of excellent quality. You can perfectly take them on your own. But remember to optimize their loading. Do not encourage the Internet user who clicks on a product to leave your site because the photo does not load fast enough. To do this, reduce its size before inserting it into your page.

You can even take 360° shots to help the consumer imagine themselves with your product. In any case, it is important to correctly fill in the alternative text, also called the ALT tag. This part of text is the caption that describes an image when you hover over it. It is useful for example on a browser that does not display certain images. But above all, it is known to play a role in the SEO of images and your content. So, remember to insert the main keyword to help Google position you well.

Boost the notoriety of your merchant site thanks to social networks

Internet users spend a lot of time every day, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Integrating social networks into your digital strategy is therefore an essential drop shipping tip for the visibility of your store.

When you have a drop shipping e-commerce site, your presence on social networks is essential. When your virtual store is cited by links from reliable sources, it gives a very positive image to the Google algorithm. You will gain notoriety thanks to the backlinks.

To increase the number of links leading to your e-commerce site, use your profile. If you are on several social platforms, link to your merchant site from all your profiles. And make sure all your profile descriptions contain keywords. In the same process, don’t forget to include social network sharing icons in all your blog posts.

Social networks are essentially about sharing. You will therefore benefit from interacting regularly with your audience. Feel free to comment on a post but be engaging. Indeed, the more you interact with impactful content, the more the community will be interested in you. In this case, your texts will have a better chance of being shared and you will get incoming links more easily.

8. Communicate with specific social media content

To succeed in drop shipping, you must therefore communicate effectively. Internet users are inundated with information on all social media: news feed, posts from their friends, advertisements, etc. However, each social network has its own mode of operation. Thus, if you choose to be present on several platforms, your content must be adapted to their specificity:

  • on Facebook, favor short and powerful texts. To capture your audience, your content must stand out from other messages. Whether informative or an offer, it must bring added value.
  • On Instagram and Pinterest, bet instead on attractive visuals. And remember to classify them by album.
  • On LinkedIn, an editorial effort is required. They are indeed professionals who will scrutinize your texts, looking for information that could meet their needs.

The best merchants in online stores are those who integrate natural referencing techniques into their digital strategy. To succeed in drop shipping, it is therefore imperative to promote your virtual site through a professional blog, to highlight your professionalism through quality product sheets and to relay catchy messages on social networks. For these missions, training in SEO web writing is essential.