Suave Toronto, Canadian Rapper & Entrepreneur

During my few journeys with music interviews and publishing of blogs I come across various rappers and producers, but today I came across one that seemed to have a spotlight and his sound was catchy. I started listening to his albums 17 and forward. After getting to his 21 albums I realized this musical artist is a wordsmith and genius with his punchlines but the matter was you had to be able to catch them with a good ear. I wanted to study his lyrics and see what the passion was behind his music and found he has a dark but also lighter side to his music which can appeal to everyone. With the different albums and styles on them, I could tell he had a lot of expressions and flows to deliver. Currently, Suave Toronto has 9 albums and many singles on his Spotify, Tidal & Itunes. Suave is working on a book about his upbringing and life not much detail was given to us about this project some of the released details we were read had us shivering in our seats. Suave is also the Ceo of a music label and founder of businesses and companies. Known as an entrepreneur to his colleagues, he used these skills to acquire positions in the music industry. When interviewing Suave Toronto, I asked why he chose this name and he responded that his original name was “Suave” given to him by the woman who thought he was very suave, but also wanted to add the city of destination to his name as a secondary alias and single out searches for Toronto, but preferably he goes by just “Suave”. After much research, my conclusions are this music artist is definitely on the right path to greatness and we are looking forward to writing more on his endeavours in the music industry.