Stylish Lighting Ideas For Your Living Room 


The lighting choices which you make in your living room are every bit as important as selecting the right furniture, color palette or flooring, which is why getting it right is so critical. Beyond simply illuminating the space, lighting can add style, class, dimensions and highlight certain features which you have added to this room in the home. Let’s take a look at some ideas which you may be able to incorporate in this space.

Vintage Chic

Vintage lighting is the perfect compliment for those who have chosen timeless and classic styles for their living room. It is important that we consider lighting choices as a style feature in the home just as much as their functionality, and that is why vintage fittings and bulb choices work so well here. Going vintage is not about creating a retro look in the space but rather bringing forward old world style and giving it a new lease of life in a throwback living room design. 

Soften The Edges

Adding wall lights around the edge of the space not only brings extra illumination to the room, it will also add depth to the space and can be used to highlight additional features such as shelving units and pictures on the wall. Wall lighting should be installed on a separate circuit to the main light, so that you can you can set the mood in the living room with subtle lighting when required. 

Sculptured Sconces

For wall lighting why not consider going for something bespoke and introduce some sculptured sconces? Instead of using the lighting to highlight artistic touches in the space, the lighting fittings themselves will be the wall art which visitor’s eyes are drawn towards. There are some great designs which you can consider here from abstract sconces to floral sculptures and much more, depending on the general theme of your living room. 

Layered Lighting

Lighting shouldn’t only be considered as a single unit, but rather a collection of lights which brighten the space. This is why we love the idea of ceiling units which offer bulbs ay different layers. Layered lighting looks incredible when placed in a living room which has high ceilings, filling the space and offering depth to the style choices which you have made. 

Statement Centerpiece 

If you have height to play with in the living room then it is well worth considering going all out and investing a centerpiece which really makes a statement in the living room. The reason why chandeliers are so sought after is not only the luxury which the glass or crystal creates, but also because of the scale and pomp of the fitting, which is something that you can recreate in your own home. Don’t be put off by large pieces when you are looking for lighting options, because that very may well be what your living room needs to be brought to life. 

And finally don’t forget to include smaller sized lighting around the room too, using lamps large and small to give you multiple lighting options in your living room.