Stylish Guide for Pairing Food & Cocktails

The glamorous nightlife of fashion and celebrity hotspots such as NYC, LA and Miami simply wouldn’t be complete without the pleasant buzz of a delicious cocktail. You might be surprised, but cocktails are the new wine in the more fashion-conscious circles. Of course, no one disputes that wine can tickle your senses quite enjoyably, but pairing food with cocktails has brought a whole new idea of spending a fun and glam night out at some of the most blingy events these wonderful cities have to offer. 

Cocktails provide a rich taste

We have all got used to pairing wine with food, and this is still a great way to elevate your meals. It might be a bit scary to think about the actual spirits and mix of other liquids that commonly go into a cocktail, but that’s what makes this whole experience truly special. Those of you who had doubts to try some “out there” food and cocktails combinations only to find them irresistible as they melt in your mouth should know that the intricate mix of different cocktail flavors can only enhance the taste of food. 

In order to get the most out of your cocktail and food pairing, you should definitely treat your palate with smaller bites and appetizers. Cocktail parties are famous for their finger dishes, and there’s a good reason for that. As the spirits and other liquids in a cocktail make your buds clearer, the pleasure of getting a quick, light, yet ingredient-packed bite down is thoroughly enhanced. And when you attend the glam-fam events in the cities of light, you certainly don’t want to gobble on big courses that might make you uncomfortable, cause tummy issues, or affect your confidence in your fashionable outfit in any way. 

Pick a cocktail that complements your meal

If you want to try out pairing cocktails with your food, the safest bet would be to mix lighter cocktails with heavier bites, and vice versa. Of course, you can always experiment, but having a common ingredient in both your food and cocktail is bound to make a great pairing. A very popular part of every big event has become the professional cocktail mixing. As you witness the magic of an amazing mixologist in NYC, you will also see every ingredient that goes into the making of a delicious cocktail. This will make it easier to choose your appetizers, too. 

It’s all about enhancing the flavors

When you want to enjoy the glamour of the nightlife in New York City, LA, or Miami, you should definitely get into the part. There’s no better way to relax and enjoy the vibe than by sipping a nice and refreshing drink. And when you’re drinking cocktails, you definitely want to put some food in your tummy, without going overboard, of course. 

Well, there’s no reason to just revel in the atmosphere when you can also treat your palate and senses. In that respect, remember that cocktails should always enhance the taste of your food. You don’t want the strong spirit to overpower the delicate dish, or the heaviness of your meal to drown the freshness of your drink. For instance, if you have an inkling to get an Old Fashioned, don’t pair it with seafood. Instead, feel free to enrich the flavors by letting yourself enjoy some bacon and/or steak delights. On the other hand, you can always elevate the lightness of your cocktail with spicier appetizers. The distinctive tastes mix rather well. 

Show off your stylishness and knowledge

There’s nothing wrong with doing a little bit of prep before a big event, especially when it comes to the fabulous fashion and celebrity parties that can make every night a little more magical. That said, a great way to show your cocktail and food pairing skills and join the stylish bunch is to always opt for cocktails and food that have the same roots. For example, if you spot a lot of appetizers and finger bites that have obvious Mexican origins, such as mole sauce, small bean burrito wraps, and so on, don’t hesitate to get yourself a Tequila Sunrise or some other tequila-based cocktail. 

Keep in mind that you want to uphold a stylish, elegant, and fashionable image, highly appreciated at celebrity and fashion events as well as glamorous nights out. As you get to enjoy the delicious combo of cocktails and food, you’ll still be consuming bite sizes and appetizers most of the time. If you’re aware of your inability to hold your liquor, make it a point to drink responsibly. 

Diana Wills