Styling Your Neon Light Signs For Home

By the side of textured linen couch, quirky wallpaper prints, and modern-day history colors, one of the biggest home decor trends to emerge in recent years is neon light. 

Decorating a home is an art, and neon light signs for home have become an essential part of it. These lights are both modern and vintage. 

You need a home that makes you feel happy and comfortable. You should not leave any corner of the house dull or pale. However, it does not mean that you add decor props on all the walls. There needs to be a balance in a whole room. For example, modern-day houses have an accent wall to put all the pictures and a bright statement. The rest of the walls are empty but look pretty. 

With neon lighting, you can play a twist of additions in your rooms. Be it the living room or your bedroom; neon lights are ideal for a dramatic tone for every room. 

Once the identity of nightclubs, casinos, and bars, these lights are now entering interior design as a classy lighting option. If you want something beyond pendant lights and lamps, neon lights for home are what you are looking for. They give an enormous scope of adding class and brightness to your home. 

But with so many trends with the emerging popularity of neon lights, it can be hard to decide on the right one. 

Whether an elegant phrase in the living room or a sign that defines you, there is a trick of introducing every neon light sign in your home. 

To list the do’s and don’ts, we researched some expert tips and made this guide for you. Read ahead to master the art of styling neon light signs for the home

  1. Treat it like art 

Installing neon lights on walls is similar to adding a portrait. Like how you select paintings or any other art on your wall, follow the ideology with neon lights. Considering neon lights as art makes you creative enough to style it the right way. Take the neon light signs for home as the master “art” of the wall. You’ll know what works the best. 

  1. Keep it small 

Keep the oversized neon signs out of your option. Installing a sign too big can be overwhelming for the accent wall. Unless it is an entryway of a bar or your brand name, keep away from giant sizes. Plus, the brightness of the light may make it more challenging to interpret. 

Tip: If you are concerned about the brightness of lights, certain online stores offer dimmers with the signs. They can help you control the brightness level of the light. 

  1. Avoid immature designs

First-time users are often excited about experimenting with neon lights. They end up going for an immature design that makes it all look weird. You should go for a sophisticated design that does not break the look of your room. Neon light signs for homes are available in numerous designs. You can either choose popular designs or customize them your way. 

The most preferred signs that enhance a room’s charm are small phrases, moon, heart, love, or anything in calligraphy. You need to be careful here as well because some calligraphy phrases turn out to be hotch-potch rather than looking pretty. 

  1. Keep a balance

Style your neon lights in a way that goes with the ambiance. Suppose your room has a cool blue theme; go for a phrase with enough blank space and blue. Consider the furniture, homeware, and color of the area and choose neon lights for home accordingly

Shop Neon Lights 

Before you make a purchase, ensure to check some best-selling signs and consider them for your home. If they do not work, go for custom designs. You can browse some design ideas and choose one according to your home. But make sure to adhere to these tips for the best outcome.