Styles for over 50

We make a lot of excuses when we get to a certain age about clothes and fashion, but we only limit ourselves to wearing what other people think looks great for us. At age 50 we should be able to wear what we want and dress the way we feel, so don’t hold yourself back because you’re at an age that people think you should be dressing down. Instead, embrace you’re age and dress the way you feel to dress.

1#. Denim cut Jeans
2#. Fitted Jacket
3#. Pencil Skirt
4#. Cardigan
5#. Tank Tops
6#. Dresses

Denim cut Jeans

Denim jeans are a great choice anytime and every age, so it is really a good idea to have a few denim jeans in your wardrobe. If you are really trying to look different or just in style cut jeans will be the better choice, just wear a nice top while you are at it.

Fitted Jacket

There is a lot of different fitted jackets for women, they come in many different styles and looks, but it is so easy to find a few really gorgeous ones that you will love. For instance, short jackets that are about hip high are a great fit and will look great with denim jeans.

Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are one of the most versatile fashion trends and they look amazing when not too long are just a little over the knee, either way, this look can be very business-like are very casual, depending on the way you wear the outfit. Still, you can always mix it up and wear a nice legging under the pencil skirt, and it will look great with are without heels.


I am sure you most have one are two cardigans put away but it’s a really nice look and even though it’s a simple style it’s a gorgeous way to dress. Cardigans can fit great with a lot of different fashion trends and for fashion for women over 50, this is a great choice for a top.

Tank Tops

Tank tops have always been a go-to under the blouse and still are today but if you need something to wear under your cardigan sweater is fitted jacket then a tank top will be the best thing. The good thing is about tank tops is that they are light and simple and pretty fun to wear so it is not a loss to get some.


Dresses are a girl’s best friend because it always makes us feel extra pretty, while look sexy, so try out a few of the cutest dresses that you can find. There are a lot of different types of dresses to choose from, long sleeve, short sleeve, floral, button-down skater, and the list goes on.

So if you’re looking for a great outfit these are some of the styles that any age woman can wear even a 50-year-old woman, just be confident and dress comfortable and I guarantee that you will be finding the styles that you look at your age.