Stunning Accessories That Best Compliments Every Quinceanera Dresses


When a girl turns 15 years old, she celebrates her quinceanera which marks her passage to womanhood. This event is commonly celebrated in Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Latino communities all around the world.

Since quinceanera is one of the most anticipated moments in a girl’s life, the teenager’s family makes sure that the event is perfect and well-organized. One of the items that play a huge part in a quinceanera celebration is the extravagant dress. Traditionally, wedding dresses NJ are white to symbolize purity. But as time passes by, more and more girls have started wearing dresses in other colors.

Aside from the quinceanera gowns or dresses, the family also has to prepare the accessories that would match the celebrant’s attire. We have listed some of the stunning accessories that you may use during your quinceanera:


Quinceanera gowns or dresses are commonly big, puffy, and fancy, and are often adorned with gems. What better way to complete this princess-life look than to wear a shiny tiara on your head? Tiaras come in different forms and shapes. They are also made with different materials and studded with rhinestones and gems.

This accessory is going to be immortalized in all of the photos on your special day, so if you ever choose to wear a tiara on your quinceanera, make sure that it matches your gown or dress. You can visit any store that sells quinceanera dresses in NJ and inquire if they rent out or sells tiaras. If you can’t find one, try to inquire in any Prom dresses NJ.


 Accessories, such as earrings, can make or break a look. This set of jewelry is going to be immortalized in all of the quinceanera photos, so it’s important to make sure that it matches your whole outfit. You can choose to wear a minimalist kind of earrings, such as a drop earring made of pearl, or you can choose to wear a fancy dangling earring with many rhinestones.

You can buy earrings online, but wouldn’t it be better if you can see and feel the accessories in person before buying or renting them? This way, you could check the quality before paying for them. There usually are matching tiara and earrings set in quinceanera shops, but if you can’t find one, you can also check any bridal shops in NJ.

Custom Embroidered Sash

The dresses that celebrants wear in a quinceanera can be very heavy because of their size. If you plan to change into a more comfortable, yet still very fashionable dress during the reception, you can still maintain that quinceanera look by wearing a custom-made embroidered sash.

If you’re into beauty pageants, this sash will also make you feel like a beauty queen. The look will even be more complete if you don’t take off your tiara after you change out of your main quinceanera dress or gown.


Gloves are a great and elegant addition to your quinceanera look. It will also keep you warm, just in case the venue gets too cold. The gloves come in different shapes and can be made using different materials.

The most common glove design is long and is made of matte satin fabric. It acts more like an arm warmer and has a thread or hole at one end where you can insert one of your fingers.

If you don’t like long gloves, you can also opt for shorter ones made of sheer. These are sort of a fancier version of full hand gloves.

Lace Fingerless Gloves

If you’re not into gloves, but you still want to have a hand accessory that would match with your entire quinceanera look, the lace fingerless gloves may be the accessory for you! As the name suggests, this is a hand accessory that you wear on your hand, usually tied securely on your wrist using a ribbon. This accessory has pretty similar features to the matte satin glove that we mentioned earlier because of the thread or garter at one end of the gloves where you can insert one of your fingers.