Study tips which are scientifically proven

It is normal when we start study most of the time we sit for many hours in a similar spot, read a similar book continuously, try to learn a number of things at the same time. Most people follow these hectic ways to get success, but it is not a proper way. This type of study ways works for a short period. For example, a student can get an “A” grade in the test, but it will just for a short span of time. No one can follow them for the long term, according to science. Science says studying the same book for a long time, or sitting in the position for a long time while studying are not useful in actual. Here are some study tips in the following which are helpful for a long time and healthy according to scientists.

1. Take exercise regularly:

Exercise is the best thing to keep your body healthy. According to research, you should take exercise once in a day to keep your memory healthy. You can take a walk for 30-40 minutes. You can travel through your bicycle instead of a motorbike, car, or bus if it is possible. You can study your book while walking, or you should take a short break to shake your head to relax and fresh. 

2. Make your time table:

Nothing is best than a proper time table for learners. You should never try to learn all things at one time. You should always divide study material into smaller parts and in different spans of time to learn them for the long term. If your examination is too close, start studying at least before one week. Rather than digesting all things in the night before exams. No doubt, it isn’t very easy to study before exams, but it will be beneficial in many ways.

3. Change learning material:

The human brain gets dull while having the same situation for a long time. SO, never study a single book for a long time it will never stay in your memory. Learning of same book for many hours will just save in your short term memory, it will not help you after some time. You should keep changing your learning material and spend at least 20-30 min on each book. 

4. Make discussions with teachers or other fellows:

Discussion while studying is the best way to learn things speedily and for a long time. You should discuss the learning material with your teachers and with co-fellows. If you are in school, you can have face to face discussion, or if you are at home, then you can make discussion groups on social media. You can also have discussions through the student portal if your school is using the electronic school management system.

5. Test your memory: 

Some we feel that we have learned the required material, but after some time, when we try to remember, we can not do so. Thus you should check your memory after learning anything.

You can do it by taking your own quiz by writing whatever you have studied or by teaching someone else.