Studies lead to successes

Information regarding internal and small sized structures is extremely important for many applications. Pharmaceutical companies and academic research groups alike all employ various tactics to obtain this sort of information. It is then used to understand biological processes and in turn develop useful tools for cures. The following article will describe some of these methods as well as their uses in certain fields.

Indicator for Biological States

A biomarker is a measurable indicator for a specific biological condition. These indicators give off specific signatory signs that can point to a certain temporal property that is of interest. Biomarkers are an important tool for examination of various biological conditions and can be used to diagnose many diseases.

A more Precise CT Scan 

Micro CT is a 3D imaging technique that uses X – rays to image interiors of objects that are otherwise opaque slice by slice. Compared to regular CT scans, micro – CT scans can reach higher resolutions and provide a much more precise image. Pixels imaged in samples can reach sizes of 100 nanometers.

Finding Properties of Small Structures

Particle Analysis revolves around evaluating physical and chemical properties of small sized structures. These properties can include size, shape, surface properties, mechanical properties, and microstructure. The methods usually include the use of light scattering. These are often used for research in labs and industries.

A Source for Exemplary Diagnostic Results

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