Student Accommodation: 7 Things to Look Out When Choosing One

Are you stepping out of your den to get into a college? Are you excited about getting your new abode? So that you know finding a student accommodation can be a daunting task sometimes. You have to keep the budget on a check, think about the location, commute ways, security, and food!! You should also consider having medical services and convenient stores nearby.


It’s a tough call these days to find the perfect accommodation, so start as early as possible. Visit Website to get awe-struck by the options you can get in Australia. With 75% of students moving into cities for education, you’ve got to fight for your spot. So, without any more delay, we are here to help you out with this task and let’s get started with the list:



The first thing to look at is the cost of the accommodation you are looking for. You should consider your allowance while fixing up the budget for housing. On average, you get paid $285 per week from the Australian government. You should find what all facilities get covered in your rent. You can get the internet, gas, electricity, etc. included.



As a student, you need to consider the locality where you will stay. The location must be convenient for you in terms of distance to your university. It should have friendly, non-interfering neighbours. With above 90% of students renting accommodation privately, you should get your hands on the prime location.


Transportation and Security

You need to find out a place with multiple transportation ways to your educational institution. The commute should be of short or medium distance. This will help you in saving money as well as time. The place must be secure enough even to live alone or return late. You should steer clear from a neighbourhood that comes off odd.



Food is a significant thing in your daily life. There are places available with kitchen setups and also catering services. 39% of accommodation caters for food on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You may choose the food service according to your preference.


Single or shared accommodation

You have various options- studio room, private bedroom with shared facilities in an apartment, or a shared room. Each one has its pros & cons, though. The more personal space is offered heftier the price tag. So, the privacy of your stay can largely depend on your budget.


View property before finalizing

It’s very crucial to view a property before finalizing your stay. You should narrow down your choices based on your preferences and set up an appointment. When you go for the visit, check things like security and locality. You should look out for moisture and damp walls. You should also check for fittings and pests.


Things you need to bring in with you

Always make a list of things to bring in while moving into the new place. You would never want to hoard the house with multiple pans or kettles. Neither would you want to crowd your space area with beds or buckets? So, you must have a look inside the condo before bringing everything in.

The above points will help you narrow down your search and get you your beautiful domicile. We hope we have given you a kick-start to complete this humongous task. All said and done; you can always take your university’s help as they know the town better than a fresher at least. You can ask for your parent’s advice too as they have a better life experience. So, grab on your things and let the search begin!!