Struggling to maintain your WordPress website on your own?

Running a business at the same time as maintaining a WordPress website for your business is easy, right?  Although think of all the free time you’re committing to a task that doesn’t come naturally to you, not to mention that one time your website broke while you were updating a single plugin.  Luckily you had a backup and you were able to get your website back online after just a few very frustrating hours.  And there was that time you updated the WordPress theme only to discover days later that the formatting of several pages was out of line with where it should have been, making your polished and professional website look like an amateur’s.  Any of this sounding familiar?  Or are you reading this and thinking it’s a cautionary tale you should really take heed of?

Leave the maintenance of your website to a professional

If you’re not an amateur mechanic you’ll have your car serviced by a qualified professional.  It costs you money but at least you know you’re safe on the road.  You want to protect yourself and those who are dear to you, so it’s worth it.  In just the same way, your business website needs to be looked after if it’s to be safe online for you and your customers.  We all know how dangerous a place the internet super highway is after all.  There are so many hackers and unscrupulous individuals (some working for criminal gangs – or countries) who will take advantage of any tiny vulnerability, given the chance.That can put you as an individual, your business and your reputation at risk, not to mention any clients who may have visited your website and made contact with you via a Contact Form.

What’s the solution?

There is a wide assortment of WordPress Maintenance Plans out there, provided by companies, agencies, and freelancers who are experts in all things WordPress. By handing the reins over to someone who knows what they are doing, not only do you get some of your life back, you can relax knowing your website is safe, is constantly available to your customers and working hard for you.  There are obviously many different options, but for the majority of businesses who are looking to have an online presence, a basic package is perfectly adequate, costing less than many will think.

What if I need more than just regular website maintenance?

A website that was last updated 3 years ago isn’t any good.  We all know if we land on a website that looks out of touch or out of date we notice this straight away and it doesn’t leave a good impression.  Did you realize that most WordPress maintenance plans come with bundled resources to make minor updates?  If your website is quoting information that’s not right, and your customers are seeing this when they visit, you want that updated ASAP.  Most changes can even be made the same day you ask for them.  Check out the packages on offer.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.