Structured Cabling System and Its Benefits

In the cable world, structured cable or cabling system plays an important role in dealing with complicated cabling. This system is used to support data, multiple voices, video and several management systems, including security access and energy system.

What is a Structured Cabling System?

It can be defined as building telecommunication cabling infrastructure that includes a number of standardized smaller elements. This system includesa structure created by a series of patch panels and trunks. It comes with a place for all MACs –Moves, Adds, and Changes that need to be made with short length patch cords.

There are six subsystems of structured cabling system, including entrance facility, equipment room, telecommunication room, backbone cabling, horizontal cabling, and work area.


Unlike conventional cabling system, structured cabling system eliminates the jungle of wiring and carries increasing data at high rates. This advanced system plays an important role in communication infrastructure. Here are top benefits of structured cabling system:


This is a well-organized and simple system that helps in reducing power and maintenance cost. In addition, it also helps in avoiding spending money on locating and rectifying.

Reduce the risk of downtime:

When it comes to managing the multiple, unorganized cabling system, there is a high chance of human error. This error or mistake can cause flow disruptions and network downtime. As a structured cabling system is organized, it is easy to identifyand avoids the risk of downtime.

Saves time:

Structured cabling system is flexiblethat offers moves, adds, and changes quickly. It can help in saving structured cabling installation time and maintenance time.

Tips to Install Structured Cabling System

When installing these systems, it is important to keep these points in mind:

  • Before you proceed, it is important to have a good structured cabling design.
  • There are several devices used in these systems, includingcopper patch panel, network switch, fiber patch panel, and more. You should have all these devices.
  • Do not bend cable beyond their bend radium.
  • Utilize fiber raceway to ensure the validity of cabling and reduce congestion in the terminal panel.

Installing these systems is not at all easy. Thankfully, there are a number ofservice providers available that specialize in providing structured cabling installationat nominal prices. If you are interested, you can take help of the internet and get in touch with the right service provider. Consider their experience, expertise, quality of services, and compare prices before making a final call.

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