Since the first try of the strong coffee, several brands have adopted the model and made variations in quality to meet the needs of several classes of consumers. These brands want their product to be the best, hence, taking a different approach to production and packaging, amongst other factors. This guide contains 7 strong coffee brands that are deemed to be making the most of caffeinated products.

Several people need to get things done, and this strong coffee shot is just made for them. This strong coffee has been lab certified to be safe with a high level of caffeine. Not only is the coffee very strong, with just a single shot, but you will also seem ready to take on the world. In every 100 g of this coffee, you get 25g of caffeine.


The roasting process in the making of this coffee product is very light, resulting in a very smooth and pleasant taste. The beans used in the process are very high-quality Robusta which was sourced from the Northern part of Rwanda, curated from farmers with very high processing standards. No additives were added, neither was any preservatives or flavoring added. The selection of the beans was a very meticulous process.

The care and attention given to the roast make the product stand out from the others, unlike other brands that make use of dark roasts that will most likely cause the coffee to be bitter and burnt.

Actually, several people agree that this is the strongest coffee bean ever. They might not be entirely true as it holds so much unique characteristics to itself. When it comes to strong coffee, the beans is all that matters. In this case, Black Insomnia makes use of the highest quality beans you can find. This coffee is made of the perfect blend between the Arabica beans and the Robusta beans. It’s not easy to come by the high-quality bean seeds used in this mix. This is one major reason it stands out amongst other coffee makers. These beans are sourced from the very best harvesters in regions known for caffeine – strong produce.

So as to achieve a high-quality flavored taste, this product contains caramel, hazelnut, and macadamia aromas. You can be certain of having the caffeine content as well as the pleasant taste and aroma of it.

For the roasting of the bean, a time-tested drum roller was used. This machine affords to roll to the best of precisions.

However, some degree of care needs to be taken during the use of the product. One of the most important factors to know is that of the need to adequately weigh the beans before you brew. Thanks to this, you are sure of the best coffee drink possible.

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